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  1. Wtf you still exist

  2. @sportsnetirf: Bo learned he was staying when Willie made an announcement to the entire room. He's really liked in the room. #Canucks
  3. Don't look now, but Hansen's on pace for 20 goals (tied for 3rd on the team with Hank) despite being 10th in ES TOI per game. It's ridiculous what a whipping boy Jannik has become, he's contributing more than most yet people still want him out of the lineup.
  4. I do like the Virtanen pick more now than at the draft, but to pick based on your division is just as crazy as to pick because of team needs. Who knows what the Pacific will look like when JV is in his prime, it probably won't be the same death-triangle it is today.
  5. Or maybe (just maybe) he's out of game shape after not being able to train properly all summer. He's off to a slow start, just as expected. I'm positive he'll pick it up at some point, but there's nothing to be worried about right now.
  6. This thread is hilarious. Thinking a guy won't be up to speed right away after having shoulder surgery and not being able to train properly is horribly negative. Thinking a guy will score 40+ goals in about 50 games after having shoulder surgery? Yeah sounds about right Nobody is saying JV sucks. Judy temper your expectations, he'll need some time to get back into playing form.
  7. If Demko went out and bought a Canucks hat, he can wear it all be wants. If Vancouver gave Demko a Canucks hat, he can't accept it.
  8. Hasn't moved management? GMJB came out a few days ago saying that Horvat had done everything possible to force them into a hard decision.
  9. To count towards their 9 games they need to be dressed. Scratched in the press box doesn't count.
  10. 3 more days and the wait is over. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster

    1. Mimerez


      All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster, master of time, Creator of the Universe

    2. Spoderman


      Touched by his noodly appendage

    3. Hodgson!!


      Wow never knew there were other pastafarians on the board. Saw someone wearing the exact FSM dogtag as me a few days ago too :D

  11. Everyone keeps saying that Bo isn't ready, that Bo has so many people above him on the depth chart. Fact is, nobody's seen Bo play since the end of last season. I wouldn't be shocked to see him perform better than Richardson and Matthias. So many people counting him out before the camp's even started.
  12. Cody Hodgson played 4C in the SCF against Boston, then moved up to 3C the next season. That also ruined his development right?
  13. Wait wait wait wait. So you don't see Bo as anything better than a 3C, and you STILL don't want him to ever play on the 4th line? Are you intentionally being contrary to everyone else?
  14. Doesn't have to be from ego, could just be from curiosity. I know I'd do it.
  15. I'd (personally) rather take a chance on a small guy with skill that might translate, rather than on a big guy without much and hope that his skill develops. Barring a huge developmental year, at best this guy is a 3rd/4th liner. Why not roll the dice and hope for a top 6 F?
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