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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Disappointed to see that. Scumbags will fake it. Relevant excerpts... Visual verification You can perform a visual verification. On a person's BC Vaccine Card, make sure their name and vaccination details are visible. Customers may present the printed vaccine card in black and white. After verifying proof of vaccination, you must also review ID. By reviewing ID, you match the name listed on the BC Vaccine Card or other form of proof of vaccination with the person you're verifying.
  2. I was at the game last night. Couple of observations... Security didn't scan QR codes - just looked for names to match. You'd think such a high profile event that is indoors for hours would actually follow the rules. I emailed the team to let them know. Too many idiots out there. Need to follow the rules. It was touted as STH only and 50% capacity. Some sections were completely empty, including mine. However my seats were RIGHT beside another pair. They didn't try to space anyone out so I guess it truly was just STHs in their regular seats. Crazy... Which begs the next question...how will this work during the regular season if it's 50% capacity? STHs with full packages get their dibs on the games and then anything above full package and below 50% capacity = sell to the public? What about half and quarter packages? Edit: formatting
  3. Is it known whether they'll be using the thirds for at least another season...?
  4. It worked perfectly fine on my computer as well. Don't know what to tell ya! Glad you got it working though. Enjoy the season.
  5. Nice! Just follow the instructions including signing up an email. Worked perfectly fine for my google calendar.
  6. The lower bowls at about $250 per went pretty quick. Off-topic, but any indication of whether the seat colours will be changed this season?
  7. Canucks will be in Cali from October 30 to November 2. LAK - Wednesday, October 30 ANA - Friday, November 1 SJ - Saturday, November 2 Does anyone have experience travelling between these destinations? What are the best ways to get about? Best neighbourhoods to stay in? Any tips would be much recommended!
  8. Can you elaborate on why you're not a fan? My gf and I are looking at purchasing soon and understand one needs to have the funds in an RRSP account for > 90 days. We are looking for around that timeline. Is it not a benefit to have money in there to get the tax rebate since it's better than nothing?
  9. Wish it was that easy to have cash on hand. I think it just goes to show that you should take some profits here and there when the going is good.......at least take out your initial investment if it's going very good!
  10. Disappointed they won't be on the tube. Was hoping to watch at a bar.
  11. If only this game was vs. Boston College and Demko :(.
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