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  1. Were unnecessary toques mandatory for this video?
  2. I can't believe I read this...proper spelling and grammar please. Who is Mike Gilles? Garry Bettman?
  3. I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. kazin!


      Yeah I like her a little less now but she was great

  4. I like The Listening better!

  5. FYI, You need to update your avatar. Siberia FTW lol

  6. kazin!

    Hahahaha I still remember a thread I made way back which was a letter to you when I injured Sturm in NHL 07. Good times.

  7. kazin!

    Haha of course, though your "Interests" don't hide the fact either. I can't believe I've already been on CDC for 5 years...wow, and you for 8!

  8. Thats okay it looks awesome too.:)

  9. yuz

    No. That is perfectly normal. mwahaha :3

    haha, really cool that you still remember me as the Sturm fan even when I've been away from CDC for so long haha :D

  10. kazin!

    The first thing I thought of when we signed Mr. Sturm was you. Is that weird?

  11. Sorry didn't see your comment. Her name's Lara Veronin, half-Russian and half-Taiwanese singer born in California and now a popstar in Taiwan. Unless, of course, you were referring to Lights, who is a Canadian beauty ;).

  12. The one to my left is Lights and in my sig is Lara Veronin.

  13. cool pic on your profile who is that chick.?

  14. She's a cutie let me tell you what.

  15. Lara Veronin, awesome.

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