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Power Rankings, Week 26: Capitals Capitalizing




As of April 4.

1. New York Rangers

PR Pts: 61.8 | Avg Rank: 6th

At this time, a comparable would likely be the 2011-12 Canucks.

2. Chicago Blackhawks

PR Pts: 60.2 | Avg Rank: 3rd

Hossa seems to be getting along fine without his Kane.

3. Washington Capitals

PR Pts: 56.0 | Avg Rank: 12th

50! 50! 50!

4. Minnesota Wild

PR Pts: 51.8 | Avg Rank: 11th

The Wild have certainly lived up to their name these past few weeks. Dubnyk has been a pleasant surprise.

5. Tampa Bay Lightning

PR Pts: 47.5 | Avg Rank: 1st

They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place. Unfortunately, that hasn't been true for over half the teams they've played against.

6. St. Louis Blues

PR Pts: 43.5 | Avg Rank: 4th

While the Blues' fans have been yelling "TARASENKO!!!" this season, the teams the Blues have played against have been yelling "TARASENK-NO!!!"

7. Anaheim Ducks

PR Pts: 42.0 | Avg Rank: 7th

The only California team to have actually clinched a spot in the playoffs with a week left in the season.

8. Ottawa Senators

PR Pts: 39.2 | Avg Rank: 18th

The Hamburglar might have been stealing games for them the past few weeks, but it seems like now that it could have just been a flash in the pan.

9. Nashville Predators

PR Pts: 39.0 | Avg Rank: 2nd

Music City wasn't doing too well for the first few weeks after the trade deadline, but they've been able to change their tune since.

10. Vancouver Canucks

PR Pts: 33.6 | Avg Rank: 14th

The Canucks have been doing real good.

11. Winnipeg Jets

PR Pts: 30.0 | Avg Rank: 19th

These Jets better have some gas left in the tank, or else they'll crash and burn in the race for a playoff spot with the Kings and Flames.

12. Montreal Canadiens

PR Pts: 29.2 | Avg: 10th

Doing better in the standings than in my power rankings, Quebec's only team is looking to separate from the competition.

13. Los Angeles Kings

PR Pts: 29.0 | Avg: 15th

Once thought to be out of the playoffs just last week, the Kings have surged back and are looking to be crowned with a spot in the 1st round.

14. Calgary Flames

PR Pts: 25.2 | Avg: 13th

With captain and team MVP Mark Giordano gone for the season, Calgary is doing all they can to ensure they don't flame out.

15. San Jose Sharks

PR Pts: 22.0 | Avg: 16th

Too little, too late? While the Sharks are smelling blood against other teams right now, locker room issues seem to have taken a bite out of their season.

16. Boston Bruins

PR Pts: 21.2 | Avg: 17th

No one in Boston can bear the thought of their team missing the playoffs.

17. Pittsbugh Penguins

PR Pts: 18.3 | Avg: 5th

The race to the playoffs continues in March of the Penguins: The NHL Sequel.

18. Detroit Red Wings

PR Pts: 17.7 | Avg: 8th

The Wings sure wish they could fly their way out of losing 7 of their last 10.

19. Dallas Stars

PR Pts: 15.0 | Avg: 21st

They might not make the playoffs, but that doesn't mean opposing teams aren't getting Star-struck.

20. Florida Panthers

PR Pts: 12.5 | Avg: 23rd

The Panthers would have loved to finally pounce on a playoff spot again, but it slipped out of their grasp like a baby... whatever Panthers eat.

21. New York Islanders

PR Pts: 12.4 | Avg: 9th

These Islanders seem to be stranded with a bad record as of late.

22. Colorado Avalanche

PR Pts: 11.0 | Avg: 26th

Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

23. Columbus Blue Jackets

PR Pts: 8.1 | Avg: 25th

What about Bob? If he hadn't been injured, this season might have been a different story. Now that he's back, they've won 9 of their last 10.

24. Philadelphia Flyers

PR Pts: 6.0 | Avg: 22nd

Next year might be a better year to take a flyer on Philadelphia as a playoff team.

25. New Jersey Devils

PR Pts: 3.2 | Avg: 24th

For the most part, this has been a season from hell for the Devils.

26. Edmonton Oilers

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 29th

They've won five out of their last 10, but that won't stop this season from being another costly Oil spill.

27. Carolina Hurricanes

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 28th

The Hurricanes got rained out from playing in a tough division.

28. Toronto Maple Leafs

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 20th

They took hometown boy Drake's song and remixed it. It's now "Started from the Top and Now We're Here".

29. Arizona Coyotes

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 27th

They're howling out for a hero. McDavid? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

30. Buffalo Sabres

PR Pts: N/A | Avg: 30th


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