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    Benning's plan

    Thanks for that, took me more than a few mins to stop laughing! You weren't actually serious were you?
  3. Any signing prior to this are under the rules at that time. So Yeah.
  4. So are Meier and Boeser still under the old rules? ie, 10 or 7.5 mil QO?
  5. That's not much and that 1%/1.1%/1.2% is probably in a constant state of change with people growing more wealthy/poor/etc. Crazy how a .9% difference equates to over a $23M difference in net-worth
  6. Excellent young, big, Dman. Worth the price. He was fun watching in the playoffs, especially the PP.
  7. Wow a pic of two whales, I’m amazed at the effort you must have put in to finding that, I googled “orcas in Vancouver” and found that pretty much are for Vancouver Island but this find this: Orca pod makes rare appearance in Vancouver’s False Creek and in that article this: The aquarium said this is the first reported sighting of killer whales in False Creek since it began collecting data in 2000. A grey whale and common dolphins have been reported in the area in recent years, it said. Nothing common about them in and around Vancouver but if you google where to go orca watching you get this: From the icy waters of the Antarctic to the beaches of Patagonia – we uncover the best orca watching spots around the world... Antarctica. Orca in Antarctica (Shutterstock) ... Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. ... Iceland. ... Norway. ... Bremer Bay, Australia. ... Alaska, USA. ... San Juan Island, USA. ... Auckland, New Zealand. Yup, we’re really known for orcas, if it wasn’t for the stupid company this never would have happened. The Canucks need an identity and fat blubbery mammals that are more abundant in pretty much all other parts of the world and/or turn the other cheek pansies is not a good one. Oh, and.... Fire Green! He’s just a blubbery pansy.
  8. 7.2ishM for 3 years, Isles are in a bit of a weird spot where the only bigger money contracts coming off over the next couple years belongs to defensemen I figure they'll want to retain in Leddy and Pulock. Though I could be wrong, but even if I am they'd be better suited to spend that money on replacements. Three seasons would take him right to where Ladd's deal expires, a portion of Ladd's money would likely just go towards Barzal's next contract. This is assuming they don't just buy Ladd out.
  9. The qualifying offer can't be less than the league minimum salary of the season - it's 700K in 2020/21. For contracts up to 660K it's 110% of the last base salary. Between 660K and 1M it's 105% but at most 1M. For example, Gaudette has a base of 950K and his qualifying offer will be 997.5K. It's 100% of the last base for contracts with a base of 1M or more. The 120% AAV cap applies to all new contracts. Sergachev's deal is heavily backloaded for escrow reasons - it's a declining scale so better for him to get the bulk of the money once escrow is lower. Teams are now protected thanks to the 120% cap and there won't be a Meier (10M) or Boeser (7.5M) q.o. situation for new contracts.
  10. Coffee was magnificent. As a fan, one of the three or four most exciting players on the planet. Of a generation? In a generation with Gretzky & Mario. Play throw sticks in center ice though. Most players, I believe, would rather Potvin / Bourque on their side? Almost as dynamic, better in every other way...
  11. So even if it's backloaded it is only 120% of the AAV maximum limit. That might entice young players to do backloaded deals in order to get the maximum limit. Is there a minimum limit? Like if the qualifying offer has to be 100% of AAV or something like that?
  12. It's actually still the last base salary but there's now a cap at 120% of the AAV. For example, Virtanen's last base salary is 3M - that's his qualifying offer and not 3.06M which is 120% of his AAV.
  13. Magic Gurn. Magic... I remember the day this came out. I was working in a record and cd store. My first real job. There was an amazing buzz amongst the serious muso's about it's release. Invoked such emotion. People laughed, sang, many cried. The content mostly very, very sad. Only two or three days in & people were lining up when we opened in the morning. Just to get a copy. We got a fast car. Is it fast enough we can drive away?
  14. According to who? There are a LOT of “cases” in schools. Here is a link to Fraser health discussing it...doesn’t make the news yet here it is. How do you explain that a thousand people without masks is safe but four around a table isn’t?
  15. The Rome hit was literally 1 second too late. The League said as much as the time. The Boychuk "hit" wasn't even a hockey play.
  16. Clam, two months ago you would've been in here telling everyone to "wait and see" regarding Hunter Biden's laptop. 2 years ago it was the caravans. We've all waited and seen where the Republican conspiracies lead to, a whole sack load of absolutely nothing every God damn time. You know what happens when someone is wrong over and over? People stop caring about what they have to say. Don't be that person, you can still be someone who has more than a passing relationship with the truth. Put down the tin foil hat and fake news podcasters, you can be smarter, the first step is to try.
  17. It's alright, given the political climate in the US nowadays I probably took it as more a negative than intended Get well soon
  18. Run (2020) I don't want to give anything away from this thriller. Watch it. Just great.
  19. Throw that on her dating profile as the caption, minds be racing.
  20. Also a former Nelson resident, can confirm.
  21. never seen a lumberjack set up Petey...
  22. wow, amazing! that is so reminiscent of quinn hughes moving the puck up. its eerie
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