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  1. I may be remembering incorrectly honestly the chatfield hill isnt even the one i was trying to die on. i dont know why these guys felt the need to hone in on that one part of my original post and use it to formulate personal attacks
  2. point out to me where i've attacked people in this thread. I'm stating my opinion and actually displaying reasoning for my thinking. I literally have not had one person (outside of cuporbust) reply with anything that contributes to the converation or isnt some kind of person attack. im sorry, but that's total bs.
  3. @SNuck please also note the passive aggressive reactions from @bree2 and others that contribute nothing to the conversation and have no purpose other than to provoke. Far more than what I did to earn my warning in my opinion. This place has really gone down hill over the past couple years and the regulars getting away with this kind of attitude is a huge reason why,
  4. That's fair. In the post that started all this I said :"rathbone in particular" My thinking with chatfield was that he would be the one to step in immediately if we trade OJ, seeing as how HE LITERALLY BEAT OJ FOR A SPOT OUT OF CAMP. Argue whether or not he has top 4 potential sure, but these guys are just being idiots about it,
  5. literally ad hominem if im wrong tell me why. you guys are being dumb.
  6. @SNuck remember that time you gave me a warning for not contributing to the conversation and making it about personal attacks? Please see above.
  7. Jalen Chatfield's played in 9 games this season? also button's a known idiot and has been for time lol.
  8. He was impressive earlier in the season. Only reason OJ got back in the lineup was because chatty got injured. It's not that laughable. Chatfield has top 4 potential.
  9. If we're packaging Jake and OJ im all for it. We have other defensive prospects who can play just as well with higher ceilings at this point (thinking Rathbone in particular, but also Chatfield and Woo). Sell high on OJ. Top 5 pick who is just breaking into the NHL, but his foot speed is gone after all the injuries. He's gonna be a solid bottom pairing guy over his career imo, but nothing more. Trade him before the other teams realize that's the case.
  10. bo is on pace for like 30 goals over 82 lol
  11. This did not need to be its own thread lol
  12. I'm a troll for saying tree's overrated and then have some weird old dude attack me for being younger than him? honestly yall are weird. im outta here.
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