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  1. I’d even settle for the end of March when we get a week off.
  2. For the most part I like our team, we have some great talent, I want to see our core under new coaching, I don’t believe we’re anywhere near as bad as our record suggests.
  3. 1-1. Don’t know if that’s worse, looks like a 3 point game.
  4. Yeah, I like Jake, just very disappointed in him but nothing will change till there is a change.
  5. I really want to see Jake under a new coach, here or elsewhere, just to see how he responds.
  6. Not so fun fact: right now we have the worst L10 record in the league. Sadly, even if we win tomorrow we will still hold that record.
  7. Can someone please post Thursday’s GDT so I can start pre-drinking please.
  8. That is absolutely positively not true, without good leadership there is no positive development, it’s true in sports, business and life.
  9. Not yet, in the season prediction thread I predicted we’d win the cup if Green is fired before game 30, we have 6 games to go.