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  1. We were discussing the future of sympathy sex when I stumbled upon the song that 100% reflects my feelings of being a Canucks fans from the very first dat.
  2. If we were headed in the right direction change would have been in our rear view mirror.
  3. Playoffs start tomorrow. Canucks play tomorrow. Normally that would be a good thing but this is Vancouver.
  4. I live in New West, I over drink and am over sexed.
  5. The Sedin era Canucks were a talent heavy team, and quite frankly a playoff failure (yeah ok, one SCF but also a bunch of early exits when we were the most skilled team in the league. On the flip side a team full of goons will fail as well. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, I’ve been saying this since AV and his turn the other cheek and chew some gum style of coaching and till the Canucks figure it out it’ll just be the same sh!t, another year.
  6. The ship is complete and in fact is quite a fine ship, it just needs a new captain, this one knows not where he’s going.
  7. Note: I’m drunk and the wife is calling but there is some deep wisdom in there that post.
  8. The players are the crew. The GM is the ship builder. The coach is the captain of the ship. When you have an Uber driver steering the ship don’t be surprised when it runs aground. #NeverGreen
  9. 1 Sadly, it been a shorter time since their last win than ours, 104 years vs. 106.
  10. You need two good teams to have a rivalry, if the Kraken start off better they may look south for that, if they suck you’ll just have 2 pathetic teams embarrassing each other. Beating up a girl doesn’t get you cool points.
  11. Well, as much as I as well as many of you laughed at Ottawa throughout the season, we now need to win 3 out of our last 4 not to finish last in the division and there is nothing funny about that, thank god we have a good coach.
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