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  1. After the Canucks were gone I recorded the games and skipped through commercials and intermissions.
  2. That’s what I’m thinking too, with the US election, doesn’t matter the result it’s going to be a disaster and then there’s round 2 of COVID.
  3. Made a deal with the wife, during hockey it’s games, beer and post game sex, during the off season we cuddle.....go Stars.
  4. It’s the off season, don’t want to ruin his vacation, after all, I am a nice guy.
  5. She needs the extra time to make sure she doesn’t want to change her mind, you know, a woman’s prerogative.
  6. Damn stupid blind refs, what a freakin’ joke, if any of them had just one more eye they’d be a cyclops...... .......sorry, practicing for next year. But here’s a thought, Benn, shoot!
  7. That is a sad, sad statement and unfortunately true.
  8. We are teaching our young uns the same turn the other cheek attitude the Sedins team had and the more they learn it the more it will be instilled in them and that won’t win cups so yes, 2 years ago I was a lot more optimistic than I am today. We beat Minny, a team lower than us in the standings. Yeah we beat the Blues but they just didn’t want to be there, much like the Capitals, they were a shell of their former self and they’re Calder Cup runner up secret weapon imploded. As for Vegas, we had maybe 2 good games, The last 2 game we were getting embarrassed and if it wasn’t for Demko it would have been way worse and showed just how far off we are from contending. I think you fell for the old Leipsic on a pig deception. Am I drunk? I was when I posted that but irregardless, no matter how much you may disagree only time will tell which one of us is right. Heres my prediction: Year we win cup = 2024 + (2 X number of years Green remains as our coach)
  9. We won 7 games but were still 9 wins away from the cup and each of those wins would have been harder than the one before. I think what happened was the worst case scenario, we came far enough to fool people into thinking we are on the right track and the changes that need to be made won’t happen, we are further away from a cup now than we ever have been this millennium. This is my opinion, am I dumb? Maybe, maybe not, but time will tell and for the love of god I hope I’m wrong.
  10. No we are not, although I think we will have a very competitive regular season team we are not built to win a cup and that attitude is not being instilled by our current coaching staff. Skill wins President trophies, not Stanley Cups, it’s sad that after 50 years we still haven’t figured that out.
  11. Somewhere along the lines of when we got the Sedins we developed a turn the other cheek wimp a$$ attitude and every coach since (apart from Torts) has perpetuated that. It was a great strategy for doing well during the regular season but it does not win cups. Sadly that attitude is still with us and as fun as it was to see another playoff run we are a million miles away from a cup. If I had to compare them to past teams: 2011: Nowhere near the skill. 1994: Nowhere near the toughness. 1982: Nowhere near the heart. If we want a cup we need the best of all three.