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  1. Good post. I really wanted Sergachev over OJ but Chychrun has turned out to be a stud. 10th in Norris votes isn’t to shabby. Imagine just that one addition to this years team?
  2. A couple of posters here think it’s too pro JB even though I feel there is a decent balance. HF and Reddit, for someone with anxiety, borderline depression are ugly places. A harsh and barren wasteland.
  3. 6’2” 200lbs (and still filling out) big quads like Pavel. Russian machine never break could be Honeybadger 2.0
  4. Lindros was my favourite player for a few years, Mcdavid has some magic but Crosby with the cups and the golden goal seal the deal for me.
  5. Parent, Tretiak, Dryden, Roy and Brodeur were all great but it’s gotta be Hasek.
  6. 5 years ago bro, let it go. What’s your interest level in the coming season?
  7. I confess - this place feels like it had devolved into an endless loop where every thread ended up being about JB rather than the topic of the thread. It drove me away for most of the past few seasons. In a moment of utter hopelessness I logged on to reach out and there are a few beauties here that have been very supportive. Thanks so much. Thanks to all that responded and to those that pm’d their support, it means more than you think. much love
  8. I don’t know know Alf, but I wouldn’t underestimate Dvorak. It’s going to take some time to see who won this trade.
  9. Thanks for the kind words. In the last 7 years I had sober a period of 2 years and another of 6 months. I quit smoking 12 years ago with no relapses but booze has been a different fight. Thank you gurn. I’ve been in touch with them. There are a couple of their pillars I can relate to and a couple I can’t. As far as a sponsor I am definitely looking for a mentor. I’m 50 so someone older with a long stretch of sobriety would be best.
  10. I am an alcoholic. Today is day one of detox. Any support is very much welcomed. If anyone would like to pm me and chat that would be great too.
  11. The Gold Star argument drives me nuts. People have a gym card, costco card, drivers license a passport for obvious reasons. Trying to navigate a once in a century pandemic means mitigating risk to the collective. A vaccine passport is such a minor inconvenience.
  12. Hmmm…did someone exhume Baggins and Forsbergthegreat? Awfully dramatic here today.
  13. It’s nice that there will be at least 2 Russians in camp. Maybe help both young men settle in.
  14. That’s the problem, you guys don’t have all the information. This is a fantastic trade for the Canucks! Jim is likely going to make more moves. Maybe Schmidt for a late 1st to a contender etc. Look at the 3 bad contracts we just traded away. If the OEL contract does not age well he can also obviously be traded. Also, his contract runs until he’s 36, not 39 ffs. I’m going to buy some adult bevies tonight for sure!
  15. Looking at our division Vegas is a lock for the playoffs next season. Canucks likely scrap it out with the Oilers, Flames and Kraken for playoff seeding don’t you think? With 2 or 3 astute moves this offseason it is entirely possible we could be 2nd.
  16. Looking at our division next season obviously Vegas is a lock to make the playoffs. I suspect we scrap it out with Seattle and Edmonton for 2nd or 3rd in the Pacific. There’s a few posters that will be crying in their beer next year.
  17. Next season is obviously a huge one for JB. I suspect we see a few moves this Summer. Moving our 1st for a top 4 and letting Edler walk wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Perhaps trading a prospect to Seattle to get them to take either LE or Holtby and using the cash to sign a top 6.
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