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  1. Looking at our division Vegas is a lock for the playoffs next season. Canucks likely scrap it out with the Oilers, Flames and Kraken for playoff seeding don’t you think? With 2 or 3 astute moves this offseason it is entirely possible we could be 2nd.
  2. Looking at our division next season obviously Vegas is a lock to make the playoffs. I suspect we scrap it out with Seattle and Edmonton for 2nd or 3rd in the Pacific. There’s a few posters that will be crying in their beer next year.
  3. Next season is obviously a huge one for JB. I suspect we see a few moves this Summer. Moving our 1st for a top 4 and letting Edler walk wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Perhaps trading a prospect to Seattle to get them to take either LE or Holtby and using the cash to sign a top 6.
  4. There’s still lots of moves to be made between now and October so it’s hard to know of course. However if absolutely no team in our division made any moves which teams would you have making the playoffs?
  5. Aside from Sekeres he’s the worst since Gallagher.
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