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  1. You are not wrong at all. Is it fair to say that sports are cyclical and there are few dynasties in the cap era? JB’s work here started at the bottom of the cycle and It looks like they are on the upswing. He’s had a fair amount of time given the average time a GM stays with the same team and next year knows no playoff revenue means no more job.
  2. Thanks for the invite. Can’t commit enough time to play these days.
  3. Blunt and Agent are lightweights. This purse-swinging is nothing compared to a Baggins vs Forsberg.
  4. Marky. Tan Man. I’m cheering for tha F’ing Flames! Dammit! Hate ma’self!!! i may well turn into a flaggellant
  5. Great tune. Faster Pussycat does a pretty good cover of it as well.
  6. spammer - you’ll bring down your rep/post ratio rook
  7. I hope you’re right spur. Unfortunately Cheeto Jesus has his base that would eat poop sandwiches if he said it was the cure. If he gets elected again it will only embolden the right even more. That he is incompetent doesn’t seem to bother the uneducated. He is a brand and Biden is possibly the most milk toast Presidential candidate ever. I fear 4 more years of reality television.
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