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  1. Goodfellas + Toy Story = Good feel story ... ... I want that movie to happen now
  2. "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious: - Oscar Wilde "Huh, neat."
  3. I don't see it as an issue, unless the player is staying in college so they can become a FA and sign somewhere else. Different then a kid wasting away one more year in jnr's but not quite good enough for NHL. College is just a small step down from AHL I think.
  4. In terms of potential, what I feel it should be based on as prospects are all about potential 1: Pettersson 2: Demko 3: Boeser 4: Juolevi 5: Dahlen 6: Lind 7: Petrus Palmu (Love his name so typed it out completely lol) 8: Goldobin 9: DiPietro 10: Gaudette (HM Mention, Virtanen...he was 10th, but then got knocked out by another prospect) On what I think these prospects will eventually end up as... 1: Demko - Top 10 goalie in NHL 2: Boeser - 1st line scoring winger 3: Pettersson - Top six playmaking center 4: Juolevi - Great top 4 D, acceptable top 2 D who plays in all situations 5: Lind - Top 9 winger, can slot into top six, versatile, think Hansen but with a bit more offense and grit 6: DiPietro - Starting goalie in NHL, journeyman starter ala Mason/Lehner/Halak (Not this years Halak, Halak of old) 7: Dahlen - Top 9 winger, less versatility then Lind, if he's not producing he's not a boon to the team 8: Gaudette - 3rd line C, brings some offense to the 3rd line which is becoming more common in NHL 9: Gadjovich - Middle six winger, nose for the net, big and mean, creates space 10: Brisebois - #4-6 D (HM...again to Virtanen, got knocked out from 10th again lol)
  5. I doubt that, very few kids make it to NHL right out of their draft year, only a few more from draft year +1 Realistically, unless you're a top pick in the draft, or have been playing against men for several years already, not likely to go straight from juniors to NHL
  6. I was interested in Hague as well, but I was bit leery about him too. His skating is a big issue and not everyone can work out their flaws in skating like Horvat has. Last thing we need on the backend is a giant pylon reminiscent of Douglas Murray, would get absolutely destroyed, McDavid would quite literally, skate circles around him. Maybe he's able to fix his skating though, if he can, great pick by Vegas.
  7. Everyone complaining about his weight... 1: He's 18! he will fill out, he's not tiny, he's 6'2, it's not THAT hard to put weight on. I was around 155 in my early 20's and put on 50+lbs in a couple of years, muscle, not fat...well...mostly muscle haha. 2: I'd rather take a kid who is playing against men with a slight frame, who will get bigger and stronger, who is already playing very well against men who are larger then him at this stage, then some kid who looks like a man, playing against 15/16 yr olds and dominating them, because of course they are. 3: Hockey IQ is great, weight is easy to put on, smarts not so much.
  8. Eh, there were a ton of Horvat/Nichuskin comparisons, especially the first year when Nichuskin had a good rookie campaign and Horvat wasn't even in the gosh darn NHL yet dont'y'know! Those have pretty much vanished in the last couple of years lol
  9. Mainly because we didn't have a top 2 pick in this draft and everything after the top 2 are at the least a year or two away from the NHL. Might be a surprise here or there, but not a lot of NHL ready players this draft.
  10. For people complaining about his size/weight, he's only 18. I'm 6'3 and was a shade over 150lbs at one point in my 20's, with right diet and knowing your body and what works what doesn't, put on 50+ lbs in a couple of years.
  11. My thoughts at the time over the last several drafts when we picked in 1st rnd 2007: Patrick White - HATED HATED HATED IT, pretty sure everyone did, we all saw what Nonuts couldn't lol. 2008: Cody Hodgson - I loved the pick a ton, definitely up there for being most excited about a 1st round pick from Canucks...welp, that didn't turn out lol 2009: Jordan Schroeder - Another pick I liked, thought we might have got a bit of a steal on our hands...good thing I'm not a scout haha 2010: (No picks in 1st three rounds) 2011: Nicklas Jensen - Didn't know a lot about him, read up on him, didn't hate the pick, wasn't thrilled over it either. 2012: Brendan Gaunce - See above, 2013: Bo Horvat - Was a bit disappointed with the pick at first, some of it was sour grapes about Schneider though. Hunter Shunkurak - Thought he was a boom/bust player, still a bit early to tell if he has busted though. 2014: Jake Virtanen - Turned my tv off when we picked him, so pissed, wanted Nylander or Ehlers, jury is still out, hope I was wrong. McCaan - Was really excited about the pick, thought he was going to be in our top six by now...lol 2015: Brock Boeser - Liked the pick, wasn't huuuuge on it, but liked it. Loved it as the year went on. 2016: Olli Juolevi - Personally was hoping for one of Sergachev or Tkachuck. This one is so early, who knows what becomes of whom in a few years. 2017: Elias Pettersson - Wasn't my 1st choice to pick at 5, not sold he is our 1st line center of the future With that being said, me not being sold on Pettersson bodes probably quite well for Canucks, since I've been pretty fk'ing terrible with my 1st round feelings for most part (with a couple of exceptions) over the last decade haha.
  12. We've really loaded up on the international talent eh? Dahlen, Goldibin, Pettersson, Juolevi
  13. Yeah, I agree with you. None of us have a crystal ball and if one of us does...WTF man, come on and share it with the rest of us! I don't see Pettersson becoming a legit 1st line center in NHL, I think either he may be converted to a wing, or will slot in as our 2nd line C, neither are bad, I'd argue at least a third of players picked that are picked as centers get converted to wing at NHL level.
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