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  1. I really never understood why some bosses treat people this way. It doesn't get more work out of people, all loyalty is burned, and they just need to go find someone else.
  2. I'm hoping Boeser is just out with a pre-season minor strain of some kind, if he's back soon things start getting pretty hard to handle for the opposition game planning. Motte would be nice to see too, to replace Dowling, With Lammikko looking like a nice 4C add we don't need Dowling over Motte.
  3. "more likely"? based on what? he totally sold it, Hirsh pointed that out right away.
  4. good game tho, should have won it in regulation if not for the "management", dominated OT, exposed Hart. He's not ready for the big job yet.
  5. the puck hit him and he sold it too. Again, the benefit went to the team with the home opener.
  6. the BC Libs do need to be split up, and need massive renewal. They really dropped the ball not picking Dianne Watts as leader.
  7. lets appreciate what Lammikko brings without dumping on OJ. The kid really had a run of bad injury luck.
  8. For sure, i'm not looking to let the lib's off the hook for anything, that was brutally managed too.
  9. meh, the calls were home opener gifts to Philly, particularly the icing, that was just early and bad. Just being honest with you Wall St, its hard to take people seriously when its 99% complaining.
  10. you're almost always looking for the negative angle, to the point where its clear you do have an agenda and its hard to know if you're being impartial or just bashing.
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