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  1. 1 hour ago, IBatch said:

    If Larry Robinson was available I'd try and get him.  He's the only players coach like Quin where guys would literally go through walls for him.   And that's what we need right now.  The other one but down the list is John McLean.  We don't need a tactical coach like AV (yet) as we don't have the troops for it at the moment.  I like Green expect for his in game decisions (which aren't terrible, but not great either).   CDC seems to want a NHL experienced guy what about Yeo? (OK that's a complete joke- NO thanks).   It's possible Green will lose his job soon if things don't turn around -  but it's a crapshoot as far as actual results go and it definitely could signal the beginning of the end for the JB regime - especially if it back-fires.   Changes are coming either way

    I think a good start would be with assistant coaches or maybe get some professional opinion, from other coaches of how to improve the team.

  2. 14 minutes ago, 24K PureCool said:

    No excuse for Green/Brown not to have an answer to aggressive pk/defense. This is a problem since the start of the season and the players are still lost and turn over the puck when a team is aggressive in their defense.

    So an aggressive PK works when the puck is held too long. and a PP works well when you are allowed to move around to make shots 

  3. 9 hours ago, J-23 said:

    Marky carried us.

    Those glove saves Markstrom made were scary...

    The goalie was swallowing so many pucks that at one point late in the period, the disc actually disappeared down the back of Markstrom’s jersey, which led to a comical search for the puck while some disbelieving Carolina players started looking in the Vancouver net for it until shooed away by Canucks’ Jay Beagle. quote from Sportsnet.

    Watching Canucks hockey really winds me up, I watched the first part of the Flames-Leafs game...I was just an observer


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  4. Most likely this has been said before. My opinion is that the Canucks need better defense, from all players, perhaps a new defense only assistant coach can be brought in. This will still give coach Green a chance to improve the team, changing coaching at this point is too soon? especially with coaching problems from many other teams.


    My main xperience is collecting broken hockey sticks as a youth from the Montreal old forum and hockey cards with the flat bubble gum inside the card pack.