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  1. it seems there are 3 top picks Hughes, Podkolzin ank Kakko. So there is no way the Canucks will be drafting lower than 4. That’s just the Canucks way. Hoping for CoZeus or Byram
  2. Gaudette is a better player right now, and is only going to get better. Sutter has no offence, 2 assists in 26 games, his % of faceoff wins is only 48%. So he’s not even good at that. Time to say bye bye
  3. Time to unload this precious princess, he’s played 26 games and MacEwen is 1 assist behind him. Much rather see Gaudette
  4. It would be nice to have Gunnarsson, Woo, Gudbranson and Rathbone all on the defence. From what I hear Gunnarsson, Woo and Rathbone all like to play physical. Would be nice to have a defence that other teams fear, instead of giggling at.
  5. I like Stecher, but I think he needs to work on his passing. A Vegas goal last night came off of a face off after Stecher needlessly iced the puck. I think he was trying to make a long pass, but Brooks Robinson couldn’t have knocked down that rocket, he ices the puck way too often. Virtanen did the same made a iazy play didn’t get to center before shooting it in.
  6. Just what does Leipsic contribute to the team? No offence,no defence,no hitting,can’t kill penalties. He can stop and start, twist and turn on the half boards, but no results. Waste of a roster spot. You can’t expect to have success with Leipsic, Schaller and Erickson all taking forward spots
  7. The part about the stick is interesting,because he seems to have trouble receiving passes. But the stick isn’t doing the thinking, too many bad decisions with the puck. And he is already playing with the Canucks best offensive player.
  8. He is playing with the Canucks best offensive player, he gets lots of power play time. He’s been around for a while now hasn’t done squat. Can’t hit the net with a shot, can’t give or take a pass. He has had the best chance the Canucks could give him and has been totally ineffective. You think Pouliot is playing well too? Are you Willie Desjardins?
  9. Don’t know why people think he is talented offensively, he can’t pass, or shoot, isn’t strong on the boards doesn’t hit coughs up the puck regularly. How long are the Canucks going to with his poor play. He is playing with the best the Canucks have.When Boesser, Beagle, Baertchi come back he should go either to the press box or on waivers. The Canucks don’t need players like Goldobin, Pouliot or Leipsic. They bring nothing to the team except bad play
  10. I was very critical of him recently. Nothing would make me happier than to be 100% wrong. Let’s see some consistency first though.
  11. I don’t think Jake will ever be the power forward everyone wants, it’s not in his nature.hes not tough, not mean, and I think if you gave him a soccer goal to shoot at from 15 feet,it would still be high and wide. Fourth line winger with 1 hit a game. 1 goal every 10.
  12. Someone , tell Jim we're drafting for HOCKEY not jockey
  13. My biggest complaint with Jake is he should stop going to the Alex Edler school of shooting. Way too many of his shots miss the net.
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