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  1. Thanks Brother, I do mean well for everyone! Especially my fellow Canadians, and my Canucks. Also you Fine people, I would like for us too schedule a meet and greet between CDC.
  2. Ahhhjjjjj,,..........I can’t get into this. CDC will castrate me.
  3. Honestly guys Ladies/Gentlemen, it’s just my POV, meaning Point Of View, it’s just an opinion. We ARE all CANUCKS.
  4. CDC is where I come to have fun, we ARE FAMILY, right...Canucks fans? Remember that.?
  5. @Me_, don’t give me those confused emojis, lol, I do like you.
  6. Just like Covid-19, please screen shot this. So we can talk about this within a couple of years from now?
  7. All of you “Members” are on here,
  8. Ok @bishopshodan, I LOVED you’re Carlton post
  9. Yeah ok bye, this forum isn’t hockey anymore. All of you come to this thread. Yes I do too, because no one wants too talk hockey anymore.
  10. The Aquamen for CDC, Comissioner.
  11. I used to enjoy logging on here, now all the talk is this bull$&!# thread, this should be a hockey forum. Not smart asses trying to prove a point.
  12. Would you like to do a Math-Off? Math is my subject. Or do you want to try and insult me, lol
  13. Remember “The Burrows” thread pure hockey.
  14. All you all do is scare each other, enough. Lets talk Hockey and the Canucks, or maybe do some workouts at home. Don’t be depressed, this forum is become depressing, sorry this Thread. Delete it.
  15. I do Love you Guys. I &^@#ing can’t wait for hockey so this bull$&!# thread will be deleted.
  16. You have too understand Covid-19 is a Hoax. How is a China completely recovered having over a billion people? Lol or Sweden or South Korea, Seoul has over 35+million people and they recovered back in February lol. it’s a hoax, yes people are dying, Amos they are dying from a common flu.
  17. Lol, I am educated believe me. You have to understand how The World really runs.
  18. Trump is a puppet, just like any other Leader. There is powers who really pull the strings and make this world go. It’s like choosing between two different wings, bird has both of parties. Lol
  19. After this Covid-19, world Economy will be $&!#, lol. And a solution will come in, like after 2008, lol.
  20. It’s just a GREAT design, to control the World Economy. They present Option #1 and Optional #2, now obviously it work t work. They play two wings and present a solution. We accept it and everything that you know is changed, please believe this. It is bigger than you and I and sports.
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