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  1. Dont forget that Vilardi steal
  3. DISCORD SERVER https://discord.gg/9b8STy7sBh Hey guys not sure if this is the correct thread for this or not, but cant seem to find the gaming thread, and this seemed like the most relevant place. I am currently running an Xbox only NHL league and playoffs for season 1 begins Friday. We will be starting season 2 shortly after this one ends and will be looking to fill about 15 spots. Skill level varies, and it is strictly for fun. TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE • 32 Teams (1 user per team) • 2 users per NHL team max 3+ users cannot us
  4. Not in last in the division
  5. What about his willingness to punch 1 right in the face?
  6. Drama brewing in Columbus as team mates get into full blown fist fight on the ice How are you going to handle this issue @Rush17?
  7. MAPLE LEAFS TRADE BLOCK HEADING INTO TDL DAY!!! Carter Russel De Haan TVR Johansson Hunt Best offer gets them!
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