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  1. these are examples of what ive been trying to do. These moves however are not moves to help ice an NHL roster immedietly. I also agree with your point about doing your own DD on the FA list. My point was simply I do not have the time nor patients to spend 10+ hours to find a couple fringe NHL players that might help me finish 26th instead of 27th. If the was a list like in NHL21 I would most defiently have a more NHL looking team right now. Every single move ive made I can justify the though of wieghing between the now vs the future, thats all imma say There is also a couple GMs in this league that know that ive been worried about having an NHL looking roster during my rebuild. I seen teams like the ones your trying to punish, and when my team fell as far as they did I made a bunch of moves. Those move may look bad to some of you from a competing standpoint for this year but even if moves weren't made, I wasn't finishing much if at all better than my current position. Couple things to note... I was not at all inclined to trade Vanecek (my 2nd highest point producer). However it was what was needed to be added to land Askarov and Turcotte. I made a strong pitch for Pastrnak that would have immensely helped immedietly. I wasn't really given a chance in those talks as the GM made the deal prior to getting my proposal I wiegh every move I make with the eyes on the future. If yall wanted a GM to keep a mediocre team "Stale" and mediocre for years you hired the wrong guy. I want to win, and if a losing season or 2 is required to build a consitant winner then so be it in my eyes. Just really sucks because I read the CBA, I based decisions of my recent moves on seeing those consitant tank teams rosters, and thought... "I tried icing an NHL team, they stunk it up, im sure I can tear it down now for half a season, maximize value on current vets that dont fit near future plans, and try and compete next year" Not like I have much chances to fall any lower in standings with the 3 teams below me anyway. Theres a way to punish those that consitantly do this without screwing us honest, new GMs trying to put their own footprint on their newely acquired team. Idk man, im not looking to argue or anything, but it is very frustrating to have this rule just slapped down without any warning whatsoever, and have it take effect in the draft that we have been preparing months for under different rules
  2. Im sorry but I dont have the time to filter through every single GML team and NHL team to find these available fringe guys that wont help nothing but the appearance. If there was a list of available guys then maybe.. But if there are as many GML teams as NHL teams, and guys have 5+ NHL guys on their AHL club, then the numbers just dont add up to make it possible for EVERYONE to have a complete NHL roster. I mean I didnt see Gabe Vilardi was available, you really believe im going to notice fringe NHL guys that are available when 31 other GMs didnt see it either? lol I mean if someone wants to PM me a list of available UFAs id gladly get to icing a more competent NHL roster, but im not mortgaging my bright future ive spent all season working on for stop gaps My name is Crabby, not Jim Benning
  3. Another thing... I still jave Chara because I havnt recieved what I feel to be a fair offer. If I was trying to tank as hard as some think I am hed be gone for a 4th right now
  4. Issue 1.. I was trying to get him signed long before the tear down happened. I also had solid goaltending until that Crosby trade, but felt like I had no choice but to move Vanecek. Ask @Canuck Surfer I tried to keep him lol. And I am NOT trading an Adam Beckman for a 30+ backup goalie (or even a starter for that matter) to ice an NHL team for now like some think I will here. Id rather win in 3 years, not be stuck in mediocrity because I had to ice a goalie that plays for an NHL team and had to trade futures to a guy hoarding 1 in his farm system. Teams sell off and tank in the real NHL too. its a legit strategy used by many real lofe clubs since I started watching hockey. Yea its only a 3% less chance that you dont win the #1 pick, but how much does it incease your odds of moving 4+ spots back? Imagine if NHL decided to implement an every non playoff team has equal odds at picking 1-15 half way through a year like this when the Canucks would be destined for a top 5 pick. Fans would go absolutely bananas lol I love the rule, but to have a rule change like that implemented immedietly just doesn't seem "fair" to me, and seems more like a "haha got you B!+€#" than it does a "we trying to make this more fair" to me.. However im one of those few teams that has a big old red hand print on my face I still think its BS to put it in effect this year, but it is what it is, and I will still build a team to kick @Canuck Surfer's ass for eternity However I refuse to let someone strongarm me for an Adam Beckman or other big future piece for an aging goalie just to keep apperances up. Sorry, but that not smart GMing. Id rather be fired/quit before doing something dumb like that. If Fox wo t sign because of that smart decision, then theres the door pal
  5. Well I didnt go back and look at deal I just assumed he paid a fair bit for that pick LOL I know yall (me included) hate Toronto, but I mean...
  6. Something that could be done, and I think would work well would be... If you dont hit a certain point threshold you lose your 1st round pick. So if you tank too hard sucks to suck lol Also makes bottom feeder look for those vets if they're struggling to hit threshold
  7. 1 more thing. Its bad and frustrating enough for me. Imagine being @da.mooseWho just traded value for a pick thats value just dropped harder than GNUS did for me last year
  8. I have absolutely 0 issue at all with the rule, and honestly I love it. However its a major rule change implemented immedietly that completely screws me. Fox wont resign My chance my top 5 pick drops dramatically. (Fox replacement/Possible help for Fox) I have not been moving everyone for picks. I have traded for numerous almost full time young guys because I want to compete soon and not wait 5+ years for 100 picks to develop. There are a couple teams that do seem to love drafting more than competing and I can see how that is a huge problem Ive also signed guys like Beagle, Chara, Howard, Weber, etc in hopes to try and atleast ice an NHL roster. My team fell horribly after a surprising start, so yeah, I moved vets for futures. Thats just smart GMing imo. However doing so made it impossible for me to sign a key cornerstone guy in Fox, and now basically being forced to move my #1 Dman, and having my top pick most likely turned into a mid round pick makes it very hard and frustrating for someone who has worked the phones EXTREMELY HARD to have a QUICK REBUILD done. Its really frustrating for me and im sure many others. Imma still stick it out and have fun either way, but I really believe yall need to make this start next year and give us an offseason to prepare for it. Its really a huge slap in the face to have a rule lile this implemented immedietly and completely screws so many GMs over. Ive done nothing but try and better this team. Idc about drafting 1st OA every year. TBH drafting #32 would be a hell of a lot cooler Anyway thats my 3rd and final rant on the subject, but honestly the idea to make it immediate is even worse than the way the Canucks are playing this year Seriously!
  9. All im gunna say is im not looking to never ice an NHL team. It made more than enough sense to shop Crosby etc when I did because I was far from a playoffs spot. Im not looking to be rebuilding for next 10 years. I want to co tend in a couple years and stay that way, and ive voiced that multiple times. I HATE LOSING lol
  10. I meant that GIF as im in agreement. My lotto pick just got tossed in the trash. Im 100% for this if your were to start it next season, but to put it in effect this year is a major slap in the face for us teams thats got a potential lottery pick. I feel like my moves being made to better a team I recently took over is a major reason for this, and it honestly dont sit well with me at all. Wasn't going to bring it up, but its out there now lol Im not being sour/salty just voicing my opinion/frustration
  11. Maple Leafs are taking calls on their 1st round pick. Send me an offer I cant refuse and its yours
  12. Crabby has been killing it! We need a damn cup though