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  1. Perks of having no tax. Wonder if JB can use this as leverage for Hughes next year Better get him signed before a potential big Makar deal takes that leverage away
  2. Toronto would like to thank the Flyers for yet again working out another deal with us. It is no secret that we are rebuilding, and we feel we are 2-3 years away from seriously contending, so it made sense from that stand point to move on from Korpisalo. We now have Vanecek who should be ready to start by then, and also another top G prospect coming in a trade to be announced, that could become a starter even sooner. Still looking to acquire some D prospects, and have some vets I would be willing to move (1 possible cap retention slot remaining), still willing to acquire a cap dump, and may also be open to moving pick(s) for the right D prospect. EDIT: Would also like to assign Brogan Rafferty to the Cape Breton Miners. @canuck2xtreme
  3. Think me and @theo5789 need to attend some trade addiction classes
  4. Peopl will buy a box of hockey cards and sell spots. Can do it by divisions or teams. In this case it was by teams so there were 31 spots. 1 spot for $6 or 2 for $10. I got 4 spots for 20 and after the randomizer I got the Canucks, Ducks, Canadiens, and the Flyers. So every card that gets pulled that is from 1 of those 4 teams are mine. You can find hockey card breaks on Ebay. Some are pretty cheap. I only buy from the ones that do "live" breaks. Some "record" breaks and upload video to youtube when its done, but thats too sketchy for me to trust
  5. Its actually in the US ill be getting it next time I go down there. Not going to be selling that. My kid that I dont have yet might in 40+ years
  6. Yea jerseys are my favorite. I only have 3 right now (Sedin, Lucic, and Ryan). I also have autograph cards of Malkin, Dahlin, Point, and Kuemper. Used to have 1000s of cards as a kid and stopped collecting them after they all got stolen from me. Just recently got back into collecting them
  7. Its not me holding a card. My fathers buddy does breaks where you buy spots. Got 4 teams and the Canucks were 1 of them