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  1. Incredibly pleased with the 3 selections we made in the draft and where they ended up going. Finished +2 in total, but we're thrilled to have Coronato go essentially 12th overall (with the 11th pick forfeited) as we think he'll be a really solid scoring winger in the near future.
  2. We managed to do a fair amount of business on draft day, and we're pretty happy with how it all shook out. Draft Picks 18 - Matthew Coronato (RW) - Chicago (USHL) 50 - Evan Nause (D) - Quebec (QMJHL) 96 - Tristan Lennox (G) - Saginaw (OHL) Trade To LAK: Max Comtois (RFA) + Troy Stecher + Jake Leschyshyn + 96th Pick (Tristan Lennox) To DET: Patrick Maroon + Craig Smith (50% retained) Signings Max Comtois (RFA) - Two-year deal worth $3.5m per season Tanner Pearson (UFA) - Three-year deal worth $3.25m per season
  3. LA Kings Draft Day 18 - Matthew Coronato (RW) - Chicago (USHL) 50 - Evan Nause (D) - Quebec (QMJHL) 96 - Tristan Lennox (G) - Saginaw (OHL) Very pleased with the players we picked and where we picked them.
  4. Haven’t been paying attention but I think Tristan Lennox is still around?
  5. Kings select Matthew Coronato
  6. We here in LA are pleased to have this trade go through. We were looking for a deal that would help us get younger, help us stock our system, and still have NHL talent remain on the roster and we did that here. After losing Kevin Fiala to Seattle (curses, Greensman...), we were on the lookout for another young winger with upside and believe we found that in Max Comtois who will immeditately slot in on the wing in our top-6, and Troy Stecher can help provide our blueline with solid minutes and fill one of the many openings. Jake Leschyshyn is a prospect that we believe still has a shot, and add
  7. Wait, he wasn't protected? This one hurts, but it just makes my job that much more fun to try and make up for this loss. I'd have taken him too though.
  8. Contract Termination: The LA Kings terminate the contract of Mikhail Grigorenko, who signed a 3-year with CSKA of the KHL earlier this month.
  9. Los Angeles Kings It's good to be back, this time on the Best Coast. I am very pleased to be back in the CDCGML, and would like to once again thank @canuck2xtreme and all of the GM's in this great league for having me back. And now it's time to get to work, and at first glance it looks like we have a decent amount to do to get the LA Kings to where we want to go. The Kings were a playoff team last season so success has been found in recent years, and there are plenty of solid players in this organization. However, the current spreadsheet shows a lot of empty roster spot
  10. The Kings have picks 18 and 50, and will be attempting to add some more picks this week to stock up a pretty lean farm system. Any and all names in Los Angeles currently under contract and without trade protection will be considered to be moved, which includes Mark Giordano and Craig Smith. Inquire within.
  11. Thanks to @canuck2xtreme and all of the members of the CDCGML for having me back! I’m looking forward to the challenge of rebuilding the Kings, and it’ll all start in a few days once I’m back from the lake. I have some work to do to figure out how the expansion draft is going to play out, but let it be known the the Kings are open for business and a youth movement is on the horizon. Teams looking for veteran leadership or salary cap relief should hit us up. It’s good to be back.
  12. Ladies and Gentleman, here come your Winnipeg Jets!

    1. Kassian


      ....and they're losing 5-1!

    2. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Air Byfuglien to the rescue!

    3. Where's Wellwood

      Where's Wellwood

      They won their other split squad game 6-1.

  13. Winnipeg Jets Captain Andrew Ladd. It just sounds right.

    1. The Brahma Bull

      The Brahma Bull

      Can't wait until Kesler wipes the floor with him.

    2. Sully2Cool


      Ditto same here cant wait for Kesler to mop the floor with Ladd.

    3. Venom52


      I hope Kesler wipes the floor with Ladd.

  14. The Return of the Winnipeg Jets is complete! Go Jets Go!

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