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  1. LAST CHANCE The following players are now in phase 4 and will be making a decision within the next hour. Pavol Regenda Kirill Kirsanov Eric Comrie Alex Beaucage Tristan Lennox Isaiah Saville Jesper Vikman Ryan Hofer NOTE: Any player that has not entered phase 2 of negotiations will be moving their talks over to the new forum.
  2. PLAYERS ENTERING PHASE 3 Pavol Regenda Kirill Kirsanov Eric Comrie Alex Beaucage Tristan Lennox Isaiah Saville Jesper Vikman Ryan Hofer AWAITING PHASE 2 RESPONSES Liam O'Brien Juha Jatkola GET YOUR OFFERS IN NOW OR RISK LOSING OUT!
  3. HIRING! The Montreal Canadiens are proud to announce the hiring of their new GM @aqua59!
  4. I'm behind on the thread updates.. Will back date it when I get to them hopefully soon
  5. FREE AGENCY SIGNINGS Olivier Nadeau BUF: 3yr $1.83m aav James Malatesta NSH: 3yr $1.26m aav Nikita Okhotyuk SJS - 2yr $1.05m aav Jayden Grubbe PIT: 3yr $985k aav
  6. PENALTY LEVEL 1: ST LOUIS BLUES STL has been hit with a penalty level of 1 for requesting a list from a player with a NTC.
  7. UFA SIGNING The Detroit Red Wings have signed G Petr Mrazek to a 1 year $3m contract.
  8. CDCGFL ALLSTAR GAME! Yes, you heard that right, there will be a yearly allstar game is CDCGFL! How will it work? Well we're not entirely sure yet. We currently have a vote happening on discord to determine if we will do East vs West, or have a divisional tournament style like the current NHL. If you're not on discord feel free to submit vote here! @Ilunga. For now it will just be for bragging rights, but the idea of rewarding a 5th round pick to teams in winning conference/division has been discussed and may also be put up for a vote. As for the format, idk what I'll do yet if we end up doing the division model, but if it's East vs West thus is how it'll work... On January 1st the 2 GMs in 1st place of their conferences will be named team captain. They can choose to work with other GMs or go solo. They will have until January 31st to submit a 23 man roster assembled from teams in their conference. Teams must have 23 total players, and meet the following guidelines... • 1 player from every team in your conference • 2 goalies (no more/no less) • NO more than 14 forwards or 8 defensmen • 5 players in reserve incase of injury Whichever team has the most points through the month of February wins. Points will be tracked on fantrax or pickuphockey (tbd)
  9. 2 GOALIES ENTER PHASE 2 Eric Comrie Tristan Lennox
  10. DECISIONS COMING SOON! Multiple players have hit phase 4 of negotiations and are expected to make a decision in the next 24 hours. Petr Mrazek Olivier Nadeau James Malatesta Nikita Okhotyuk Jayden Grubbe Get your last minute offer in or risk losing out on all these players!
  11. @Primal Optimist sniping all my guys brothers eh?!
  12. PLAYERS ENTERING PHASE 2 Pavol Regenda Alex Beaucage Juha Jatkola Jesper Vikman Ryan Hofer Isaiah Saville Liam O'Brien Kirill Kirsanov Get your offers in now or risk missing out!
  13. 5 PLAYERS ENTERING PHASE 3 TOMORROW Petr Mrazek - 1yr $3m Olivier Nadeau - 3yr $985k James Malatesta - 3yr $995k Nikita Okhotyuk - 2yr $900k Jayden Grubbe - 3yr $850k Player Name - most term / most aav
  14. ELC SIGNING: BUFFALO SABERS The Buffalo Sabers have signed F Jack Hughes to his ELC. 3yr $875k aav
  15. Penalty level resets to 0 every year, and your PR Budget resets every year. Though I plan to make a rule starting next offseason that you can only increase PR budget so much from the previous year.. This year's PR budget won't be affected when that change happens. So if you go with a $10m PR budget this year you can still jump it to $40m next year. Things like players total annual salary & tenure will change constantly as you make roster moves, etc, but all tenure from this year WILL carry into next. Part of the trial period for team morale is to gather enough data in terms of players tenure to justify using it. Along with wanting to work out any kinks that will likely be needed
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