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  1. Yeah, but if I attach the rule before my post it certainly seems that a European drafted to the CHL before the NHL is governed by the NHL/CHL agreement...just my opinion and I agree it is kind of muddy. Players drafted and playing for CHL teams are ineligible to play in the professional minor leagues (AHL, ECHL) until they are 20 years old (by December 31st of that year) or have completed four years in major juniors European players further complicate The Agreement. If European players are drafted in the CHL draft before they're drafted by an NHL club, this rule applies to them
  2. This would seem to support your case. European players further complicate The Agreement. If European players are drafted in the CHL draft before they're drafted by an NHL club, this rule applies to them. However, if they're drafted as a member of a European squad, and choose post-NHL-draft to play for a CHL team, they can, in fact, report to the NHL team's minor squads before the age limit kicks in. Ivan Vishnevskiy is the opposite case. He was the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies' (QMJHL) second pick in the CHL import draft in 2005, before being drafted by the Dallas Stars out of R-N in 2006.
  3. Why would the NHL or anyone else be surprised with this when he filed for bankruptcy earlier this year citing sports betting and gambling for his $26.8M in debt?
  4. Tampa did a salary dump (Johnson) and it cost them a second round pick and they cover the portion of Seabrook's salary not covered by insurance. They gain nothing with the LTIR just as we gain nothing with Ferland's LTIR. “Seabrook's contract is likely insured, so the acquiring club would get 60 percent of his salary back from the insurance. It's usually 80 percent, but that drops to 60 percent once a player hits 35 years of age.
  5. This is what they thought they had. Unfortunately, almost none of this came to fruition and I don't think a different development path would have changed a damn thing. Jake owns this. A formidable adversary for any challenger, Jake Virtanen is an imposing power forward in the truest sense. Possesses a non-stopping motor and creates an abundance of on-ice energy when throwing his weight around and establishing his physical presence. Exhibits world-class skating ability, and can blow by defenders just as easily as he can go through them. Stands up for his teammates and never backs do
  6. This is how the process works. QUALIFYING OFFER CALCULATOR Teams must extend a qualifying offer to a restricted free agent to retain negotiation rights. A qualifying offer is an official Standard Player Contract (SPC) offer which shall be 1 year in length, and which can be subject to salary arbitration should the player be eligible. Clubs have until the later of June 25th or the first Monday after the Entry Draft to submit Qualifying Offers. Qualifying Offers apply to Group 2 and Group 4 free agents. Submitting a Qualifyin
  7. Not too sure but I think he had a bit of a falling out with the coach......not sure over what though.
  8. He either had more than 40 points and/or projected to have more than 40 points every season except this past covid crap season. He has decent size, skates really well and is good on the forecheck.....at least that is my synopsis of his play.
  9. Well, they do have $20M to spend with only 6 roster spots left. BOSTON BRUINS PROJECTED CAP HIT : $61,485,674 PROJECTED LTIR USED : $0 PROJECTED CAP SPACE : $20,014,326 CURRENT CAP SPACE : $20,014,326 TODAYS CAP HIT : $61,485,674 ROSTER SIZE: 17
  10. Very underappreciated player. He was a real pro. Wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors.
  11. Gabrielsson really shined with Frolunda’s junior team, which at one point featured other top 2021 draft prospects Fabian Lysell and Simon Edvinsson. There, he saw some time paired alongside Edvinsson and thrived offensively. Gabrielsson is not afraid to jump in on the rush and create offense for his team. At times, he even gets in on the forecheck and generates offense from behind the net, not something you’ll always see from a defenseman.
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