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  1. We haven't made a zamboni driver look good yet though so we can't be as bad as the Leafs.....or can we?
  2. We were up 2 on Philly until the last 4 minutes weren't we?
  3. Been following the Canucks, NHL and pre-NHL, since going to my first game in 1954. I think I have been following them long enough to know you're probably right!
  4. I really want to see our PK get better and, by better, I mean change the damn system. We have rotated a number of players through PK duties over the past couple of years and nothing changes so I don't believe it is a personnel issue. I can imagine Baumer talking to the new guys during training camp trying to indoctrinate them into the Canucks system of PKing. New Guys: So how are we going to defend zone entry? Baumer: No need to address that as we almost never get the puck out of our own zone. Next question. New Guys: Are we going to be aggressive in limiting shots from the point, down low or slot? Baumer: I would have thought players of your experience would already know the answer to that question. We do not try to take away shots from anywhere on the ice except for one spot. Why the hell do you think we have a goalie? New Guys: One spot? Baumer: Glad you asked. There is a 4 sq. ft. area about 15 feet out directly in front of our goal called the slot. My analysis says that is the most dangerous area to allow shots so I have devised our PK plans to take that option away. We do that by always having one player stand in that 4 sq. ft. area....pretty simple, eh? A side benefit is that player won't get tired and can virtually kill the entire 2 minutes while shots ate being fired from everywhere else on the ice. New Guys: Entire 2 minutes? Don't you mean "until they score"?
  5. Big weekend for the grandson's hockey team. Vancouver Academy U17 teams coming here for four league games. Play Troy Stecher's nephew's team (Langley Sharpshooters) early Saturday morning. We are putting our 4-0 record on the line this weekend and grandpa can't wait.

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Grandpa needs more cowbell! 

    2. NUCKER67


      Good luck!

  6. September 24th so I guess yours is more recent. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/blue-jays-leafs-sens-others-ready-ontario-capacity-announcement/
  7. I think you might be a bit harsh here. he Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators will be able to open their rinks to 50 per cent capacity after the Ontario government increased limits for crowds on Friday. Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario's chief medical officer of health, said indoor venues can now increase capacity to 50 per cent or 10,000 people -- whichever is less.
  8. I know I bring the average age way up. I remember watching Don Cherry play for the Canucks when I was a relatively young man........
  9. I think his ice time was limited because the Oilers give all the ice time to their first two lines and I'm sure Green did not want him out against those lines in his 1st NHL game. Edmonton only used Sceviour for 7:30, Perlini 5:37, McLeod 6:21 and those would be the kind of matchups Green would have been looking for for Podz. I think we need to wait and see what kind of minutes Podz gets for the rest of the trip.
  10. I used to watch a "Hoagy" play on the Canucks long before they entered the NHL. Bruce "Hoagy" Carmichael was a pretty good player for us. Anyone else old enough to remember?
  11. Agreed. I think I would have probably traded OJ straight up for him so to get him for free would be a real bonus.
  12. This does not change the priority order for waiver claims at all. Until November 1st it will based on last year's standing and after will be on current winning %
  13. CBA rules.......... 13.22 When a Club claims a Player on Regular or Unconditional Waivers, and, subsequently, in the same season it requests Waivers on the same Player and the original owning Club is the successful and only Club making a Waiver claim, then the original owning Club shall be entitled to Loan such Player to a club in another league within thirty days without further Waivers being asked; provided that such Player has not participated in ten or more NHL Games (cumulative) and remained on an NHL roster more than thirty days (cumulative) following such successful claim.
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