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  1. This kid is gonna be a beauty. 5th round pick. Absolute steal. I want to see him paired up with Gadjovich and Kole Lind. That could be a beauty of a third line.
  2. I think he definitely needs the rest for sure. Too bad it was due to injury, but the thumb will heal. I'm just worried about his weight training as he needs to add bulk and muscle in order to make the team next fall. Hopefully the injury isn't too bad, although the thumb is probably the worst finger to injure for a hockey player.
  3. Darn, that thumb injury is going to screw up his summer weight training. If anyone thinks it's no big deal break your thumb and then try weightlifting a few weeks later. It won't go over too well. At least it wasn't any worse, he should be ready for camp, hopefully he can work around the injury.
  4. The contract that Tavares would command would be too rich for Vancouver I believe. Love his game, but if Pettersson is the real deal and makes the club next year then we will have our 1-2 punch at centre ice for the next decade.
  5. I haven't seen moves like that since the days of Pavel Bure. Pettersson is going to be a beauty. Boeser is going to be a beauty. The fruits of Benning's labour is about to come to fruition. I really hope they give Pettersson a full shot at making the team next year. He would fill a massive hole in our lineup.