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  1. reminds me of wellfed tbh. short player with a short stick that can stick handle in a phone booth. but competes harder.
  2. we came back to get the point, we were the better team overall, and Myers levelled Keith. We WIN.
  3. my snNow is okay tonight. not nearly as bad as the preseason. I cancelled my annual plan and went with the cheap monthly due to the poor streams during preseason.
  4. I havent watched football in a long time but man Davies is a beast. Amazing talent. Exciting game against Panama. Loved the near bench brawl
  5. I see Pods luck has followed him from what I saw at the World juniors and Russian-Canada Super series. Setting up his teammates left right and center only to have them miss or flub the shot. He set up MacEwan cold within 10ft early on in the preseason games, and Petan with a beauty cross crease pass, and Miller in tight but defender deflected it slightly, amongst a few others chances. I believe his teammates will start to understand this and be ready for his passes, very soon and the assists will start coming. I would like to see him at some point with Horvat and Hoglander as I would like to see Horvat with a good passer on his line. That line could be beastly, both offense and defense. This guy, imo, is a team first, unselfish player. whether that is his commitment to defense or his pass first mentality. As others have said he is like Horvat as a winger but likely with better vision. Im stoked!. Davay Vasily davay!!
  6. had similar problems with SNNow
  7. All Or Nothing: Toronto Maple Leafs Binge watched the 5 episodes to get to the climax at end of Round 1...Priceless!!! Sheldon Keefe has two words in his vocabulary... "&^@#in" and "Eh". Easy coach to tune out after a few talks. Watching Jimmy Vesey get waived was priceless after coach called him Vanilla. I think we got the same Jimmy. Seemed they were shocked someone picked him up. Jack Campbell almost seems too nice. I think a stretch of tough losses could really wreck him.
  8. these guys going to be hung-over tomorrow if they signed At least I would be
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