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  1. I agree. Also PP. I really don't get the fixation on all these set plays and positions. Sure, they're nice to have but you gotta let the players be creative and also make sure they get the puck on the net. If they don't, on with the next PP formation. Watched the 1st period of BOS-SJS and even though the PP weren't clicking such a difference in player movement, puck speed and shots on net compared to our PP.
  2. Gadj with the primary assist for the Sharks! Looks fast and not out of place at all so far. Dahlen looking good as well.
  3. I agree. I don't mind Green's idea about having hogs at 14-18 mins and kick-starting different lines but when Highmore has more ice against Chicago that is just not a good look.
  4. I agree, although getting a few points he just throws away too many pucks on high risk finesse plays. Being an offensive player giveaways are expected but not at that level and you also need to deliver to balance it out. Hopefully centering the 3rd line will get him back to a simpler game which might actually make him more effective as well as helping other players on that line and give a better top 9 overall.
  5. True and there was also other issues. He didn't seem to work with the coach, was stripped of his captaincy and he also seemed worn down by not playing meaningful games as he always played great internationally and also had a great playoffs in the bubble. He seems great so far, if we get that level of play for 2-3 years and then a second pairing vet for a few years what's not to like.
  6. I agree. Also, Hogs just doesn't seem to care. He always goes out and does his thing no matter the linemates or circumstance.
  7. Don't think you can complain about the forward lines really, it's the best we've got and it's not bad. Don't mind Podz getting a taste with EP/Miller but when Brock's back the 3rd line should be Podz/Dickinson/Hoglander, I can live with that...
  8. Kind of agree but he's very versatile, adds toughness and can hold his own in the crease, so I can see why the coaches want him around. He's also able to play everywhere from 1st line to 4th line without missing a beat. But yeah - at some point he does need to actually bring something else than shooting straight at the goalie ;-)
  9. Agree.If he's still under 10 minutes after 10 games, then it's another discussion but I would expect him to force his way up to top 9 and at least 12 mins+ by then which would be fine at this point.
  10. Well I mean, we do have threads where we write about players visa issues even though they're not actually with our team anymore...
  11. Yes it could but he probably has to develop some more and stay on that level for almost the entire contract for that to be true. "Consensus" seems to be that this is a better deal than QH/EP, and I just don't agree on that.
  12. You're probably right that he will get better but it's not certain. Most players starts to decline well before 30, not saying Suzuki will but speaking in general this is a contract I would not like on our team.
  13. You did ;-) - we brought in OEL and Garland, OEL looks great so far and hopefully both will be big contributors - we brought in Dickinson, filling a huge need in the lineup - EP looks healthy and motivated and ready to take the next step - EP/QH under team control on reasonable deals - podz looks ready although not spectacular (yet...) - lineup overall much improved But yeah, pretty forgettable preseason on the ice (as it usually is) but very memorable for the off ice stuff.
  14. I don't put too much into preseason but some lineup decisions by Green have me scratching my head. I think we'll either be in a constant playoff position or Green will be fired. If the team is not winning, Green will be the whipping boy until he's fired. (And yes, it doesn't matter that he's not a player.) If our D:s gel and Green doesn't screw up the top 9, I think we'll have a good season though.
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