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  1. He was traded from Edmonton to LA mainly for financial reasons. Iirc he was then traded to St Louis as a trade deadline rental and finished his career after signing as a free agent with NYR. So I guess you could kinda say you're both right :-)
  2. Jake had 2 points playing on Petey's line in one game. The rest of the playoffs he had one point in 16 games. I can see pros and cons in moving on from him - and expect the organization to internally have a clearer view on this - but in the current cap world there is no way we can allow him to get to arbitration and be rewarded around 3 mil, so qualifying him is out of the question. If I were to guess I'd say he signs a 1-2 year deal around 2 mil before we have to qualify him and then he's traded before next season.
  3. He could and we'd save about 1 mil. Not sure what happens if there is no AHL but I suppose some demotion system will be in place.
  4. I did and I realize losing tanev and/or stecher creates a hole on D that can't be expected to be filled from the prospect pipeline. My reasoning is that with Toffoli we're looking good at F except C, without him not as much. IMO both Tanev and Stecher can be replaced via trade/FA - at least over time - and in my eyes none are part of a future contending team. Toffoli on the other hand is very hard to replace via trade/FA. So that's why I think Toffoli is the priority among those players. Just my 5 cents.
  5. Don't really agree with this. Current top 6 with Toffoli/Boeser and bottom 6 Virtanen/MacEwen/Leivo is ok but without Toffoli it's immediately weak. In the pipeline only podz is a sure thing, the others I would say pan out on average to one bottom six NHL:er at best. Often though the number of prospects is more important than the exact position, so I do agree that D and especially RHD is still the main concern together with C that's also looking very thin at the moment.
  6. I think in any event it's a gray area. So it would be risky to do it in this case where it's obvious that the team wants to get rid of the contract for cap purposes. Maybe not a huge risk, I mean it's not like we could get retroactive cap punishment or anything... Oh, wait a minute...
  7. I believe Gaudette's stats are very inflated from PP and sheltering and that now is the time to sell high on him. Would love to see him shipped with Roussel for a decent pick to shed some cap.
  8. If there is no AHL I would love to see Jonah, Kole and Rathbone in the SHL.
  9. The fact the we don't have to - and IMO won't - protect him in the expansion draft was a major factor in the signing. Don't think he'll be picked - if he is the cap space is worth at least as much so no problem - so the last 2 years or so on the contract might be bad but sometimes that's just the cost of doing business.
  10. It is possible but in theory only. Real problem is that if he's qualified and goes to arbitration he will get a salary that's way too high and that the organization can't walk away from. If we could actually sign him for around 1.5 he's definitely tradeable and maybe even worth the headache a while longer.
  11. Guess I am as big a fan of the twins as there are but not even I think the rebuild should have been delayed. They definitely deserved to retire as Canucks though, and just to be clear, the delay of the rebuild was on the organization, not on them.
  12. I think Beagle continuing the fitness culture and mentality from the Sedins is more important than you might think. Sutter had his moments during these playoffs but I just don't see his salary or the type of player he is nowadays as a good fit for 3C on a winning team. So I hope he's moved but might be easier said than done.
  13. If Jake goes to arbitration things could get messy. His QO is no problem but his numbers could put him over 3 mil easily in arbitration which is way too much and also can't be walked away from as I understand it. IMO it doesn't really make sense for JB to bash him in public to prepare a trade, the only scenario where it does make sense is a quick signing around QO and to light a little fire within him.
  14. Agree that Jake to the canes makes a lot of sense for everybody involved. Don't agree that Jake's excused for not impacting the game unless he gets top 6 minutes. It's not all about scoring and it's up to each player to have an impact on the game with whatever ice time available. Also after these playoffs I no longer believe Jake will ever be a top 6 winger, I thought he showed lots of limitations when the level was raised, mostly caused by his slow processing of the game.
  15. You can just keep it simple. Demko was average at best during regular season, Marky was at another level . In he playoffs Marky was great for 15 games and demko was even better for 3 games. That's it for benni g.