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  1. This is a good time to remind everyone that this is the coolest name in hockey. Järnkrok is Swedish for iron hook
  2. I would take Klingberg over Myers any day (don't buy the "hard minutes" Myers plays, in my eyes it's more OEL carrying Myers). Agree though with many previous posters that Klingberg seems like an odd fit, but the idea is definitely intriguing. Any better top 3 puck movers on the league vs QH/OEL/JK? And all three are underrated defensively.
  3. Foot speed is an issue but also lots to like as for the composition of our new 4th line. As the contract is buryable I don't have any issues.
  4. My 5 cents is this is exactly what Alvie said - they didn't expect the deal to be in this neighborhood and when it was it was too good an opportunity to pass on both long term and short term. FA's are always risky but if he keeps being a play driver with consistent effort while putting up at least 2nd line numbers I don't know how that's not a win.
  5. He was very good in the playoffs. I don't think the return is worth the trade but guess they couldn't sign him. I personally still have major issues with him as a person, and pretty much like Evander Kane I don't see a happy ending. Besides that we have QH who will be much better at the same things + more vs DeAngelo in a year or two.
  6. It's a win no matter how you slice it. Think Allvin maybe had more to do with this than most realize.
  7. Thought 1: What?! Thought 2 after seeing the gap hit: wow, that's a good deal. Thought 3: if we signed that contract would it make us better? Thought 4: short term yes, long term no. Too old to be part of a contending team and not a role model worth the years in between. Again, just my thoughts. Nobody can argue it's a bit of a shocker short term.
  8. I've been saying that all year as well. QH would be leathal as a rover and make the whole PP so much more dynamic. Having someone who can shoot the puck and distribute one timers from the top better than QH would also do wonders.
  9. You did watch the bubble playoffs? EP competed and handled the physical stuff just fine. The same way he elevated his game in the playoffs in the SHL before that.
  10. Never thought I'd write this but another big win from the season is the play of Chiasson. In the last 15 games he played as a legitimate top 6 player. If we're going with 3 expensive centers going forward, having cheap top 9 wingers will be key. Pearson/Boeser/Chiasson are all too slow to be great fits though, but if Boeser is traded or not qualified and replaced by a faster and cheaper player I can see a place for the other two.
  11. Bruins is obviously still a very good team, but I don't see them matching up to the Canes and actually went with Canes in 4 straight.
  12. There's always at least one upset in round 1. This could be it. COL should be much deeper but I'm going with Preds in 7.
  13. I actually think NAS is a pretty bad fit for CAL. They should win anyway, regardless of Saros, but I think Forsberg and especially Josi will be dominant. CAL has no players on that level. Still think CAL will win unfortunately but it won't be easy.
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