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  1. Having Edler and Ham out could be a bit of a blessing - 1 show us what we have in some of the young guys. 2 - motivate (force?) us to play a more structured game. It’s CDC, so sorry to be positive ...
  2. Habitants are red hamonic is steaming trash I Hope Tofu is in bed with a super itchy rash GCG
  3. Let’s hope Bo shows it on the ice as well. Enough talk. Time to play & act like a “Captain”.
  4. Fair enough. Just wanted to see if I was jaded or losing my mind In him getting a fine for that. Like when Sedin’s would get abused by the Rat and Duncan Keith and then when they did a anything were crucified. Just seems wrong. appreciate your perspective as well, I’d say more like 94% of his shifts though....
  5. https://www.tsn.ca/vancouver-canucks-elias-pettersson-given-max-fine-for-slashing-calgary-flames-sean-monahan-1.1579597 is this fair? Discuss.... (also is ep40 the second coming of Gino?...)
  6. At least they only play there foundational players (IE Thornton and Spezza) reasonable contracts.