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  1. It's part of the same argument. Kes and Burr were nowhere near the same league as Kadri and Kane. If we're bringing in players of that persuasion, I'd rather they were homegrown ones we can cost control rather than pay $15m a season for two guys who miss games every season with suspensions and draw unnecessary attention to our team.
  2. As I've said elsewhere, I wasn't a fan of Raffi or Lappy. Kes and Burr were different in that they were both suspended for fractions of the times Kane and Kadri have been. Add in that Kes and Burr came through our system and not free agency in their late 20s, and they are two completely different scenarios. Also, they were dirt cheap - neither Kane nor Kadri will be. Let other teams make those mistakes, we're been paying for our own for years already.
  3. Show me any comparable from the 2011 roster for either Kadri or Kane in terms of on ice or off ice issues. We'll be waiting a ruddy long time, because even inudjng Raffi's long suspension, that roster was squeaky clean by Kadri and Kane comparison.
  4. I didn't like Raffi. I didn't like Lappy biting people. But neither Burrows nor Kesler were repeatedly suspended by the league for headshots, repeatedly glossed over for other headshots, and never suckered punched other players like the Bruins did. You can claim the 2011 Canucks were filled with Dorchester all you want, but we were the Captain America of those Finals, facing off against Hydra.
  5. I'd rather see this team lose with nice guys than win with a roster full of douches. No thanks.
  6. Make sure you win the Cup now @Canuck Surfer!
  7. Fiala was non-existent in the playoffs. I'd be looking for the Wild to add, not us. Either way, with their cap misery, no deal would be possible around Brock. Miller could garner far more in a trade than Schneider and Chytil, so let's explore those better options before settling for a mediocre return. Neither Myers nor Pearson fill a need NJD have. I'd be happy with Zacha on this team but that's not a package that gets him.
  8. Sure, you go ahead and miss out the guy who processed all your waiver claims
  9. The following player has cleared waivers and will end his career in the AHL: Ryan Getzlaf
  10. The following player has been placed on waivers: Ryan Getzlaf Interested teams have 48 hours to place a claim.
  11. The following player has cleared waivers: Harri Sateri
  12. The following player has been placed on waivers: Harri Sateri Interested teams have 48 hours to place a claim.
  13. The following players have cleared waivers: Will Butcher Mathieu Perreault
  14. The following players have been placed on waivers: Will Butcher Mathieu Perreault Interested teams have 48 hours to place a claim.
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