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  1. No Jimmy? I think he'll take note of that. Don't make him angry......
  2. Unless he goes back to the source and signs with Dallas for $10.1M. He would get to avoid being immediately on the block with Patch.
  3. Stars forgot to release Jakob Voracek but now do...
  4. Dallas releases the following heros to FA: Jeff Skinner Kristian Vesalainen Andreas Athanasiou Dallas calls up the following players to Dallas training camp since they earned their stripes in Texas: Corey Carpendale Jeff Weber Jan Rosicky Donal Farkas
  5. Well the Stars had a little less firepower than last year but the kids made up the difference. Archie Brodeur became a bit of a difference maker but let’s be honest, Jimmy was reason we were able to do this. Pugin shut the door when he had to and Byram and Regula kept the pace going including a few sessions of keep away to run the clock out. Overall it was another year for the books in Dallas but some changes will be required with the lower cap and a few stars cashing in. Big thanks to the other GMs for the good playoffs matchups and especially TRR for the nail biting finals. On to the interesting offseason in Dallas.
  6. Oops rookie mistake! Sorry PK. My Jimmy negotiations are going even worse now. 12M per now.
  7. Thanks to @Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks for the series. Was closer than the series score suggests. Jimmy turned on his cheat codes again.
  8. Get to play the team that has won the Stanley Cup twice and never misses the playoffs. Love the central.
  9. Dallas awards this season: 2026-27 MVP - Jimmy 2026-27 Leading Scorer - Jimmy 2026-27 Most Goals - Jimmy 2026-27 Best Defenseman - Mark Regula 2026-27 Best Goaltender - Alexandr Pugin 2026-27 Top Rookie - Archie Brodeur 2026-27 Unsung Hero - Aiden Horton
  10. As long as Jimmy's isn't as invisible as his playoff matchup picture we should be in for a good series against Chicago.
  11. Well, it was a bumpier ride this year, but the Dallas Stars are back in the playoffs and at least finished the year strong. Led by the same young core, but with a different compliment of veterans, they are still looking to make some noise. The questions still being asked going into the playoffs: -Can Nik and Nico carry on their performance in the playoffs? -Does Pietrangelo have enough gas in the tank on the second pairing? -Did Pugin have a down year by his standards because he was saving himself for another playoff run? -Can Voracek still think the game fast enough to make up for his cement skates? -Does Andreas want to show his bro Dimitris that he is still the star of the family? -Does none of this matter because Jimmy is all-world, and it doesn't even matter what the rest of the team does? Well find out over the next few days........
  12. Do we have an inverse trade to announce? Back to their respective teams?
  13. Dallas waives Nino Niederreiter and recalls Archie Brodeur
  14. 0 take-aways means 0 all star appearances. You have to want to go get the puck at least...
  15. Only one player from Dallas? The short lived empire is crumbling....