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  1. This actually makes a ton of sense for both sides. Just like Virtanen, Bennett’s value has dropped to a level where you won’t get concrete future value back. Sutter gives them a solution for what they need now.
  2. Assignment: The Calgary Flames assign Olli Joulevi to the AHL Recall: The Calgary Flames recall Libor Hajek to the NHL
  3. IR: The Calgary Flames place Hampus Lindholm on IR: https://www.tsn.ca/nhl/injuries Recall: The Calgary Flames recall Erik Brannstrom
  4. We’d like to welcome Austin Matthews to the team. We paid him 10M with the condition that he shaves that moustache off and he begrudgingly accepted. Few new rookies joining the sophomores this year along with the Dallas lifers. Team is ready to push again this year to bring it back towards its former greatness: Wilkins(S) - Hischier - McGill Widmar - Matthews - Puljujarvi Sirl(S) - Barkov - Copeland(R) Muinonen(R) - Viheriaranta(S) - Konig Regula – Eggert Beauchemin - Folin Pesonen - DeSousa Shestyorkin Taylor
  5. Myers is definitely not the problem and if he was gone, I think things would be even worse. Myers is very much our Edler replacement over the next year or two. He can be an every situation guy and can play up and down the lineup as needed. He plays with an edge, has a strong shot, can move the puck and can defend as well. Does he make the odd bonehead play, yes, but that is not the norm if you watch closely. There are so many other problems with this team, and there would be more if Myers wasn't here. He is worth the contract and I think will still be a valuable player at the backend of the contract. Truly, we are at the point where we need to consider the sell off of players that don't need to be part of next year or the long term. As a start I would try and move Pearson (Moderate value) and one of Beagle/Sutter (Some value), as well as Benn now that Hamonic is back. Let some younger guys graduate and play out the year seeing what we have with Gaudette/Virtanen/MacEwen/Joulevi etc in more prominent roles. This team's system and confidence is fundamentally flawed at this point, so may as well adjust it to be development focused.
  6. Dallas pre-FA roster: Wilkins Hischier McGill Widmar Barkov Puljujarvi Sirl Muinonen Copeland Konig Viheriaranta Gielly Regula Eggert Beauchemin Folin Pesonen DeSousa Shestyorkin Taylor
  7. Dallas recalls Arno Viheriaranta Starting to think he may have received an NHL ban of some sort.
  8. Dallas recalls Arno Viheriaranta (Already called up, just needs to be updated on the roster) and Clark Copeland
  9. Dallas awards: 2032-33 MVP: Jimmy 2032-33 Leading Scorer: Jimmy 2032-33 Most Goals: Jimmy 2032-33 Best Defenseman: Mark Regula 2032-33 Best Goaltender: Igor Shesyorkin 2032-33 Top Rookie: Lucio Wilkins 2032-33 Unsung Hero: Fredrik Eggert
  10. Dallas releases Brayden Point to FA
  11. Stars accept 2 years for both of 'em
  12. Stars waive Arto Kabashi and recall Arno Viheriaranta
  13. It’s definitely time to try some different combos. I’ll throw my hat into the ring: Hoglander Pettersson Virtanen Miller Horvat Boeser Pearson Sutter Gaudette Roussel Beagle MacEwen