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  1. Might be a bit of hyperbole, but feels about right. If you really want to be inspired, contrast the assets we've given up for rentals over that time versus the free agents we've let walk. It's really uplifting.
  2. Yeah cool, try to keep it positive brother. I'm struggling with that. I don't see a way out of this anytime soon, but I will readily accept being happy over being right!
  3. Agreed on sad. I think the "retool" has been a mess, but I think the group we have is above average, better than whatever the hell we are seeing right now. But, I would say those moves were desperate, squeak into to the playoffs moves-job-saving. "Ballsy" would have been making trade deadline moves for the future with any of the plethora of pending free agents we eventually snubbed anyway. Again, I would say that the one common thread with teams that have turned things around is that they saw the obvious writing on the wall and made moves for the future even if they statistically had
  4. @DarkIndianRises as i mentioned earlier, you have provided well thought out points and deserve a better response(I often work "off-grid"). I agree that building a competitor is complicated and there is no sure fire plan. I don't think (purposely) tanking for years is a good solution, and I think a good mix of vets to support the rookies is a good thing. But, I think having a plan (in all things) is good, even if the plan has to adapt/change on the fly. Of course hindsight, but the main source of my despair is that we have sucked for so long without making any trade deadline moves, instead
  5. Man, don't even joke about this! Would you be completely shocked if it happened?
  6. Hey, don't blame me, I've said the cupboards are pretty bare! I think Podz should be an NHLer, but no saviour. I was responding to "We have NEVER had a prospect pool like he has given us" above. And we hear this sentiment often, I don't get where it's coming from. JB does say that every year, though. Any prospect with a pulse has been given a shot and with no 1st,2nd, or Madden from last year, how will the holes be filled?
  7. Not sure if you got the memo, but we don't "do" trading away upcoming free agents at the trade deadline. We sign FAs high, let them go to competitors for free during the next free agency.
  8. How did you get to winning the cup this year? I asked how we would get to the next level. Next level would be reaching the mediocrity the retool was striving for. Would still love to hear hear about this amazing prospect pool! I'm watching it all unfold as you suggested. It's really bad.
  9. Well , we're in the same boat in that we're too old to be relying on hope to see a cup in our lifetimes. Probably seems like I'm in the "fire-Benning" camp, but I'm actually not. I think JB has become a pretty good GM, but I'm angry that he only recently learned that skill while GMing here over the last 7 years. I actually think this group is "above average", but with no plan building up to this, there aren't any clear options to get to the next level. How is he going to build from here? Where is this prospect pool you speak of?
  10. This. Not enough was done over the past 6-ish years to build a great roster, but the truth is this this group of players is above average. Our defense (the players) is actually very solid now (last year too, I'd argue). At the very least, its gotten better every year for the past few years. But the same product on the ice. I was Ok with the assistant coach excuse for a couple years, but the buck stops with the head coach and the "systems" have not improved. Greener might be a great coach someday, but currently he's not able to compete with NHL coaches. We will see where we're really at tonight
  11. I realize I'm late getting back to this party (which I started). Your responses are thought out and I appreciate that.
  12. You might be right, MTL might be an example of a successful retool, bit early to tell. Haven't followed them closely for awhile, I feel like they've been quietly making moves, but no real rebuild. Will do some research.
  13. Obviously I think the discussion is completely worthwhile, but participation is totally optional.
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