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  1. Kakko was the best player in the draft. But we got the greatest teammate.
  2. I think the undercover guys should have done more to protect the integrity of the game. Why are the citizens trying to lynch the guy the trusted ones should be interrogating?
  3. And gguess what? There was someone going undercover and PMing me for years as 'Ashley' and tried to get me lynched for my good ethics. :O
  4. John Horgan was the host that pulled strings to &^@# me. It's his job to repent.
  5. It turns out Shawna was actually scum and stealing a lot from me. :/ The hosts &^@#ed me out of that Championship. I'll share more.
  7. hey man you put a lid on it. i know the tricks... i read the german idealists... things go in themselves.
  8. it was more epic than this song even guys stop and consider the stream ffs :'(
  9. I'm getting my apartment cleaned of all the debris. I met a very intelligent cop at the end of a huge conga line that wasn't even the best one I've conquered. I got her into a special place... highly restricted... one of the many feats... she was much my older and told me she didn't even make it that far herself. the hole goes deep, guys, and it's not always moist.
  10. Do I have to go back down Granville and ask for witnesses of how epic it was?
  11. Excuse me, that one died for the legendary run. Please stop and admire The Slurpee Run. Why the hell are we not talking about it. There is more important stuff than not acknowledging the run I lived for.
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