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  1. No, but humans get parasites, and doctors use it to treat humans. That's a fact.
  2. No, it's not. Studies are research.
  3. There is no reason not to try it, that is why people are doing tests to see if it's does anything in helping treat covid. Doctors are prescribing it to humans.
  4. The World health organization has it listed as an essential medicine, but not specifically for covid. People are still testing it for covid, but it's main use is for treating parasites.
  5. Ivermectin is used to treat parasites in humans like river blindness and head lice. Concrete medical evidence for treating covid-19 may be lacking, but it is still being prescribed to humans for other diseases. Ivermectin isn't new. I suggest people actually do some research instead of just saying it is only horse meds.
  6. There is human grade ivermectin, too. Both the World Health Organization and Tokyo health minster list ivermectin as one treatment in helping against covid. Neither are anti-vax conspiracy theorists.
  7. But it's not just horse meds. That's my point. The fact that CNN and MSNBC keep saying it is is part of the lies they are telling. Saying ivermectin is just horse meds is like saying penicillin is also just horse meds because that can also be given to horses. We give antibiotics and penicillin to animals as well as humans. People keep implying that Joe Rogan is specifically telling his listeners to not get vaccinated and take horse meds. He never actually said that.
  8. Bo didn't sign his current contract until close to training camp.
  9. It's funny seeing how many have ignorantly decided to lodge their heads in their asses on this one. Nothing I said is some conspiracy theory, nor is it some anti-vax rant. Yet, I'm still seeing stupid replies saying just that.
  10. Seriously? Ivermectin can and has been prescribed to humans. It's not just for farm animals.
  11. Maybe actually watch the videos I posted. He isn't some random youtuber. Yeah, it actually is "real facts."
  12. Stupid posts like this make you sound like the nutbar here. Nothing I posted was about being anti-vax. Also, yeah, mainstream media lies all the time. That isn't a conspiracy theory, that is a fact. The ivermectin issue is a perfect example of that.
  13. Everything I said is true. If you think that isn't fact, then yeah, I guess we do have a different definition, with yours being wrong.
  14. Like I said earlier in this thread, I'm willing to bet it is Pettersson's contract that is the hold up. I would not be surprised if Hughes' contract is basically done, since all his comparables are already signed. Hughes will sign as soon as they figure out Pettersson's contract.
  15. The sad thing is stupid posts like this that completely missed the point of what I was saying. My point was pointing out the pathetic lies of mainstream media. I was not making an anti-vax rant. Here are some facts that you seem to ignore:
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