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  1. Horvat and Miller combined are still cheaper than McDavid. Also, plugs have been on McDavids wing, and they don't really do as well as you think.
  2. LOL, here's one of them now. What else are you going to whine about?
  3. It's amazing the constant stupid excuses the Benning haters come up with. On top of that, they have the nerve to act like they are just being "real" while everyone else is being crazy when they don't crap all over Benning, then they whine and cry when they are called out on their B.S.. But please, keep crying and making fools of yourselves.
  4. I think Poolman will be better than the pathetic Benning haters will care to admit. I'm sure they will still whine and cry about something, though.
  5. They must really see something in this kid if they gave him and ELC right away.
  6. The vocal minority is actually you annoying Benning haters who think you somehow make up the majority of the fanbase.
  7. What debate? He presented a fact and you couldn't deal with it. Cry more.
  8. Umm, he's not wrong. Your pathetic assessment of Garlands is what's wrong.
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