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  1. Just because I don't wine and cry and throw a tantrum like you have been doing, doesn't mean I'm okay with losing.
  2. Seriously? Stetcher is the solution in Detroit? What a garbage take. There team is crap, and he isn't performing above expectations or anything. He is playing as a serviceable defenseman on a bottom feeder, nothing more. No, Markstrom isn't a solution for Calgary, either. He isn't stealing them games, and no, he isn't doing that much better the Rittich. Their goaltending wasn't their main issue as some people like to claim. Their team is crap and not any better than us, despite the cap space. Try again. The only one you got right is Toffoli.
  3. They sure as hell aren't the solution, either, contrary to what people like you were saying during the off season.
  4. Jesus, we have some stupid fans. This thread is probably worse than the team's actual losses.
  5. No one is okay with losing. That is a load of crap. Just because not everyone has the energy to be pissed off all the time with losing doesn't mean we are okay with it.
  6. Pettersson didn't fall into our laps. No one was expecting him to got that early.
  7. I love how you Benning haters label me a Benning supporter because I don't automatically trash Benning for every single thing he does. Stop overrating Tryamking.
  8. What's funny is reading all the pathetic Benning haters overrate Tryamkin like he is some star. Tryamkin doesn't deserve more than $2 million at best. Hell, he doesn't even deserve that. We have the cap to sign him for less than $2 million.
  9. She may be a girl, but she definitely needs her ass beat. Sorry that happened to you.
  10. Linden wanted a rebuild FOUR YEARS AFTER being hired. Stop with the revisionist history. The four years he was here, he was towing the company line like everyone else.
  11. Unlike some people here, I don't believe Gaudette's recent point streak will last. His offense will be inconsistent like always, and he will likely be bouncing around multiple teams in the future. You know, kind of like Vesey, who was also highly touted. I don't know what Gaudette some of you have been watching, but his offense isn't really his strength. Not at the NHL level. You can whine and cry about Highmore all you want, but this trade neither makes nor breaks this team. Stop overrating Gaudette.
  12. Does anyone have any more on this? Why would there be no playoffs?
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