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  1. Rathbone ready in a year or 2 lmao owner is pumping him up believing hes gonna kick ass in Abby hey?
  2. Pretty obvious what i want. I want him to play in the NHL but he wont get that chance with the nucks because hes just not going to be good enough to outplay rathbone at training camp. He deserves a chance to be a fulltime dman in the league somewhere. If its not in Vancouver than trade him for a draft pick if we can. This literally doesnt change a thing about the current roster since he is unlikely to win a spot. That doesnt mean i think hes crap but he hasnt impressed enough to be a long term guy here. We are set for the next 6 years here now.
  3. Hes better defensively than schmidt so that makes our team better already
  4. They shouldnt they should get what they feel is right. Be the same if petey and jim were going at it imo
  5. JP Berry doesnt want the deals done is whats going on. Slimeball
  6. Its the last line that pisses me off that he said. That hes looking for a team that wants to win and thinks hes on one now. Gimme a break nate u effin suck.
  7. Please explain how oj and rathbone are playing different positions
  8. Would it have killed him to be a right handed shot?
  9. 23 isnt that many especially when rathbone looked quite a bit better when he got in.
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