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  1. As much as it would kill me to lose our first i do think reinhart is worth it. For 1 it solidifies our top 6 by a huge margin. It means next offseason we wouldnt have to look for a top 6 winger because we would already have him on the team while only being 25. the cap money that does open up for next offseason can be focused for a top D man and a bit of tinkering in our bottom 6.
  2. Would definitely save JIms job and make the city and fans very excited for next season.
  3. Lol honestly tell me one team that wouldn’t take that ”risk” on quinn if he was on their team
  4. I think this would be the better way to go for us 9th OA Loui Eriksson ( 1 yr left - 6mil AAV/ 3mil real dollars) Jonah Gadjovich 2022 3rd round pick for Reinhart 2022 4th rounder clearing erikksons contract gives us more than enough room to fit reinharts salary by removing LE cap hit. Adding a prospect and draft pick to sweeten the deal.
  5. He does play wing at times. If we draft him we need him to be a center.
  6. Hes still a RFA at the end of his deal after next season so we would have to trade for him. I think having our top 6 set for the future as soon as next season might be the best way to go moving forward. Dude is a guaranteed 25 to 35 goals and just hitting his prime.
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