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  1. Quit handing me the babes. Daybreak has better luck catching girls on CDC than you.

  2. Absolutely nothing or just about everything. Depends on who you talk to. How long were you banned for anyway?

  3. Eh, I have a lot of free time on my hands. ;)

  4. Happy 43rd Birthday this year!

  5. He's a behind the scenes guy, n00bies.

  6. I hate doing this, but because I obviously know through experience how far you've gone to defend him, I can honestly call you a true Naslund fan. In this case, it just isn't fair to call you a Naslund bandwagoner.

  7. Where were you when you took that picture with Don Taylor?

  8. Mark Naslund does rule. Is he somehow related to Markus Naslund?

  9. What the Flinch? This banning better be temp.

  10. Hey.

    Beat you to the punch.

  11. How many birthday's have you had this week?

  12. How the heck are you? You haven't been posting a whole lot as of late.

    Hope everything's going swell.

  13. Now now, that's not nice. Did your mommy not teach you your manners? I could call you a childish name back but I will choose not to. I have the maturity to choose wisely enough not to call a young kid a ****er or something.

    Have a good day!

  14. You're not member 40k. Your member 40,225.

    Jordan13, is this you? I think it is. Why else would he have you as a friend? Sticky is the real member 40k.

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