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  1. You just want to muck up Shorty in the play by play with a couple of players with names pronounced the same way.
  2. I don't know, just wondering would they wait like the rest of us, or would they just go to the US?
  3. I was more hinting at the Aqua's using their pull as owners flying to the US to "Jump the queue" so to speak.
  4. Depends if he's allowed to fly to the US and the NHL is signing him up to get vaccinated.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong. If you are giving up 4 first rounders for an offer sheet. You have to HAVE the four first rounders, and they have to be your first rounders. So I don't see any team offering that much to basically miss the first round for 4 years in a row. (If they allow over four year for that). And have the cap space.
  6. Less money for churches, and private jets?
  7. Because religious nuts always hate logic and science/engineering/ and medicine.
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