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  1. Green decides who gets sent down doesnt he? If Podz didn't score in the Philly game, he's probably healthy scratched by now. even in that game he still got benched lol. I don't know why Lockwood and Gadjovich didn't make this team out of camp. They did everything possible with the limited ice time and chance they could get. Big Mac even though disappointed in camp, showed enough tangibles to stay with the team (crashes the net, hits, fights, lives rent free in Nurses head). Lockwood looked impressive in every game he played. We should've waived all the depth guys and gave the home grown prospects a chance. Let's face it, nobody is claiming Petan, Dowling, Di Giseppe off waivers. Greens head scratching decisions is costing us depth. I heard from the post game that Green was criticizing the team for not hitting enough.. GEE I WONDER WHY. We lost two of three physical prospects that we have because of Green's obsession with fringe nhlers. His excuse is because he wants pkers on the 4th line. Lockwood has all the tools to play on the PK. Gadjo and MacEwen are big bodies with reach that could be useful in PK, why not team them how to pk instead of demoting them for NHL journeymen. and it's not like we have an elite PK anyways, I'm preety sure Lockwood, Gadjo and Bigmac can stand stationary in the PK like the rest of the guys anyways.
  2. this team needed a veteran coach who isn't afraid to bench star players on the team to send a message. H
  3. Green shouldn't have been back tbh. If it wasn't pressure from outside and local media calling for his return, I believe management wanted him gone. I don't see ANY difference in style of play and strategy from this team. the skills and creativity isn't there with this team despite being much better offensively on paper.
  4. I swear CDC can coach better than our coaching staff and im not even joking.
  5. typical Canucks PP. there's a short handed chance for the other team.
  6. I don't like his body language so far this season. He should be the hungriest player on the team but he's been floating.
  7. Petersson relying too much on his skills instead of making the easy plays. that was a dangerous deke.
  8. I think he's too focused (or being overcoached) to become the complete player instead of being an offensive player that he is and should be. He's got the best shot on the team yet he hardly uses it, always looking to pass.
  9. Detroit without Larkin out shot us and now an Eicheless Sabres team dominating possession.. Green coach. watch him shorten the bench again.
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