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  1. am i the only one that thinks Biden is getting rag dolled in this debate lol
  2. Dreger says the there are a lot of interests in Virtanen... so you know what that means... Jake + Eriksson to MTL for their 1st
  3. Congrats to some team in Florida... i guess...except for Cooper and mr "Vancouver has worst ice i've played on in my life" Stamkos but congrats!
  4. Jake for Carlo then offersheet Cernak! all of a sudden we're huge 6'4 Edler - Carlo 6'5 7'0 Hughes - Cernak 6'4 6'3 Juolevi - Myers 6'8
  5. If Markstrom is asking much more than our walk away number, does anyone else think we will do a sign and trade with Marky? I just don't see JB letting Marky walk away without getting something. signed Markstrom to TO for Nylander? Markstrom for Zadina Markstrom for Byram..... ok ok i got carried away lol
  6. Mark Borowiecki is set to test free agency. He would be a great addition to the bottom pairing. Extremely physical, will stand up for his teammates and surprisingly had a career year this season. He would be a huge upgrade on Benn physically and give us some much needed toughness.
  7. the most i'd offer him to sign here is 7.5m? I don't think he will command 8-9m like some here are predicting in a flat cap and he's 30 years old now i'd be wary of giving him a long term deal. He will easily get term though i think. with Ekblad's name is floating around.. i'd rather we go after him since he fits our core's age group.. although it would probably take a lot to get him.
  8. Edler - Myers Hughes - Ekblad Juolevi - Rafferty nottttttt baddd
  9. I don't think the sweetner added to move Sutter would be too bad for this fact. to steal an idea from 650, we could trade Sutter + Chatfield/Brisebois or something to the Sabres for a conditional 7th. The Sabres need a veteran presence and centers. the Eriksson contract we'd have to add Jake probably.
  10. is the source legit? anyways this is good news because we lock up 5 of our top 6 forwards. I would still try and find an upgrade on Pearson so he gets pushed down to the 3rd line tho. I hope JB already has a plan to move out the Sutter, Eriksson and Baertsch contracts...
  11. the Stars standing up on the blueline vs Vegas and pressuring them on the PK... SIGHSSSSS.... why couldn't we do that? we literally let them skate in untouched and let them set up lol.
  12. I would love to see him in a Canuck uni.. JB would have to do some maneuvering in the offseason to unload Sutter, Eriksson and Beartschi. I would let Tanev and Stech walk if Pietreangelo shows interest in us.
  13. What would it take for us to get Tom Wilson from the Caps? 


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    2. NewbieCanuckFan


      Think Trebreh!



    3. PunjabiCanucks


      would rather poldkozin be our wilson. 20 goals with nastyness and would drop gloves as needed


    4. Bell


      Wilson in a Canuck uniform would spend the entire season suspended.

  14. It does but to me his hockey iq, defensive awareness and finish makes up for it. As long as we have speed throughout the lineup its ok having some slow guys like Brock and Toffoli.
  15. I think his confidence was lost when he hit Polak with a huge (maybe dirty hit) and not only got suspended for it, but got called out by the leaders of the team Henrik and Desjardins instead of getting support. WJC and 1st season Jake had swagger and loved to hit, thats why its was so furstrating to see him pass on hits against Vegas and the St.Louis because we know he has it in him. After hearing JB's interview today, i have no doubt Jake wont be back. If another team still sees potential in him maybe we can anchor Eriksson with him in a trade lol.
  16. my only knock on him is his size and foot speed.. and if he's Toffoli's replacement we get a little softer in the top 6. hopefully JB beefs up our bottom 6 with MacEwen type players to balance it out.
  17. I wonder if we could sell Vancouver as a cup contender to Hall so he signs at a discounted price? He isn't like the other FA's looking to cash in, he made his money already, i wonder if we can attract him to a team on cusp of a dynasty and play for big Canadian market. Hall - Pettersson - Boeser Hoglander - Horvat - Miller pretty nasty looking top 6
  18. he would be perfect as a 3rd line playmaking center for us but i doubt he'd want that. hows his foot speed? he's on the smaller side so better be fast or else pass for me.