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  1. Jake for De'Angelo? then ban him from social media lol
  2. They abandoned us during our Cup run openly cheering for Boston. I wouldn't cheer for ANY Canadian teams ever unless it's the Olympics.
  3. I did the lottery simulator 10 times and most of the time we stayed at our spot or dropped one spot. 


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    2. goalie13


      @drummer4now Why would it be fair to give them the last pick in the first round?  When the Canucks came in they got to spin a wheel with Buffalo to see who got 1st OA.  I don't see it as a big deal.  Besides, they don't get the 3rd OA pick.  They get the 3rd best odds in the draft lottery.  In 2017 Vegas dropped three spots and picked 6th.

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      NEVER contribute precious minutes of your earthly life to the Daft Stimulator!

    4. VforVictory


      I just did it once for the first time and Canucks came in first! Sadly Calgary also moved up to 2nd. I will never spin that dial again.

  4. If we land the 1st OA, I'd go after Jack Eichel.


    Miller + Schmidt + 1OA - DiPietro + Lind


    Hog - Eichel - Petey

    Pod - Horvat - Brock


    that top 6 is deadly. 

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    2. morrissex95


      Eichel is a terrible fit here.


      My money is on Los Angeles, Calgary, NYR and Chicago with LA and Calgary being the most ideal fits. Calgary would have to deal mostly roster players and picks while LA has the prospects to make this happen. The Rangers are a good fit with their prospect pool but I don't see the Sabres trading Eichel within the state. 


      We'll get an elite defenseman through the draft this summer and elite forward next summer which in my opinion, with the depth we already have, is enough to put us back into the playoffs for a few season. However, I don't think we get there with Benning as GM. Just my $0.02 

    3. Ghostsof1915


      It will be NYR or LA. No one else has the ability to give up assets and still be competitive.

      Calgary has nothing to offer. 

    4. morrissex95


      @Ghostsof1915, you're probably right about that but someone could come forward and make an offer they can't refuse. Calgary does have SOMETHING they could give Buffalo but I took a look and realized that you're correct it wouldn't make sense. We're in a similar position as Calgary right now.


      Yes, it will probably be NYR and LA but I think there are teams(Carolina?) that have an outside shot. NYR could give Kakko, Chytil, 2021 1st and 2022 2nd If I'm Buffalo, that's enough for me. However, getting one of Turcotte or Byfield from LA would be enough justification to trade Eichel IMO especially since he wants out and the team sucks anyway. If I'm LA, I offer Byfield + Bjornfot + 2021 1st + 2022 2nd.


      Meanwhile, Buffalo has a good shot a picking up 1st OA this year and if I'm them I draft Beniers and use him to replace Eichel. They could also pick a defenseman, tank next year and pick one of the good centers that are in next years' top 10. With two top centers in Turcotte/Byfield or Chytil/1OA or 2022 BUF 1st, I'm confident that Buffalo can still stay strong if they move on from Eichel. 


      Buffalo has always been a hardworking and defensively responsible team. You bring in a guy like Matthew Beniers, who has the potential to win the Selke in ten years I think Buffalo does alright without Jack. Meanwhile, the Rangers get a guy who is under contract for a long time and has the potential to be one of the best American-born players ever. 





  5. Is MacEwen eligible to be selected by Seattle? also, Graovac has some good IQ in the offensive zone, wouldn't mind him centering the 4th line next year if Beags is going to LTIR.
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