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  1. Friedman said the deal is unlikely to happen. Maybe a new team has made a proposal? Jake to Boston for DeBrusk
  2. Yeah irks me too especially after seeing Chatfield got endless opportunities. I feel like if we lose Brogan it could come back to bite us. I think he still has alot of untapped potential. He went from college to becoming and allstar in the AHL! We must give him more looks.
  3. Green is officially out of excuses. Got rest and more practices at home but still the same product. Some will blame JB for constructing the team (which is fair), but the majority of the experts and fans we're happy with the moves he made in the off season. On paper we shouldn't be this bad, to me that points to coaching. And wtf was MacEwen doing in the pressbox instead of Roussel?! the Virtanen - Beagle - MacEwen line was actually good last game too ffs.
  4. oh here we go agaiinnn, Green giving the other team credit instead of calling out his team.
  5. the Ottawa Senators could legit finish ahead of us the way things are going. I don't know how the coaching staff will survive this "home stand" failure.
  6. time to sell after this series with the Oil. Pearson, Sutter, Virtanen, Roussel, Gaud, Edler, Benn, Holtby (if there are any takers). and ffs pls demote Eriksson to Utica to force him into retirement!
  7. Edmonton looked like they were practicing PP on that one. Canucks just standing in a box waiting for the oil to make plays.
  8. &^@#ing Roussel is playing when we have a healthy MacEwen in the pressbox. I don't understand coaching staff.
  9. NICE URGENCY LOSERS. Stupid, STUPID cross crease passes where theres Oil sticks everywhere. Heads have to roll after this failure of a "home stand".
  10. if we're not going to fire Green mid season, can they at least fire the assistants?! the guys are learning some bad habits.