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  1. thanks for the info! is the 3070 better than the 5700xt or 2070 super?
  2. the reason why we didn't buy out Erikson is because JB is afraid that Treliving will sign our empty net king.
  3. I want to build a gaming pc that can play games up to 4k quality and is future proof for the next 5 years. My budget is 1.8-2k does anyone know what parts to buy? I have no idea what is good, i've always bought my PCs from bestbuy lol
  4. Treliving loves his rivals sloppy seconds.. last season he went full Oilers. I don't know what he sees in his group, but he's loading up like they are cup contenders. A team led by boring Monahan and Little Johhny aint going past the 1st round. none of these signings worry me at all. Lots of question marks in our ex players. Marky - He's been elite for a year and a half, had back to back injuries to end the season, 30 yrs old and is signed for 6 more years. fLame fans better hope he's still elite without Ian Clark by his side. Tanev - Tanman has a lot of milage on that body. We got his best years.. and even in his prime he couldn't stay healthy. His D partner is going to be Hanifin, a career minus player... huge downgrade from Hughes. he's going to get hit and block a lot of shots with Hanifin as his partner. Leivo - good price but that knee injury took him out for a whole season. Knee injuries are hard to fully recover from. He's not going to be the same player. Domingue - we want Jake to come in camp in shape. get his baking away from this team!
  5. cowgary is really trying to emulate us huh? even signing swedes to create a swedish culture
  6. I think both Marky and Tanev's contracts are not going to age well. We got the best of Tanev.. and even the best version of him couldn't stay healthy lol. Also fLame fans penciling him in with Hanifin (haha) good luck Tanev. Marky was good last half of last season and elite this season. not enough of a big sample size and no Ian Clark to fix his flaws.
  7. Loma finally fought someone thats not a cab driver or an over the hill Rigo and got exposed. simple as that. Gotta laugh at the experts who called him an ATG and the next Henry Armstrong with like 12 fights and 2 losses forget moving up in weights he doesn't have the power. too many killers for him at 135. if he stays at 130 Davis KOs him lol
  8. Trust me i watch plenty boxing it's my 2nd fav sport besides hockey. Name a multiple belt holder that's regarded as THE "p4p king" like Loma was that got walked down and bullied in the ring in defence of his titles and lost unanimously? Maybe dominated was be the wrong word, but he never was in control of that fight from start to end. He fought scared, his 'matrix' angles was non existent got countered and couldn't adjust like a great fighter should have.
  9. i like that 4th line. young, can skate, hit and can contribute offensively.
  10. Can we stop calling Loma a p4p "king" now. the guy faced his first real test and got dominated. Andre Ward and Bradley are Top Rank cheerleaders. Ward's card 114/114 LMAO!! What a performance by Lopez! I've never seen a multiple belt holder champion get dominated like that. Loma got walked, countered, bullied in that ring.. hopefully this humbles the Loma fans who think he's better than Mayweather and Pacquiao lol.
  11. i like Loma's skill set but i kinda agree.. he needs to be tested some more. his resume isn't great and some are calling him a p4p king and an ATG like has Pac and Mays resumes. a dominant performance against Lopez would be a great answer to the critics and would justify the praise, but as of right now i think he's a little overrated.
  12. The losers at cowgarypuck are trying to convince themselves that they'd rather have tanev and are saying schmidt is injury prone.
  13. We beat two stingy teams in the playoffs without toffoli. Then he was completely invisible aside from the tap in petey set him up with in the Vegas series. Granlund is still available I think..
  14. Let's trade Jake for cernak and forget about secondary scoring Edler - Schmidt Hughes - Cernak Juolevi - Myers