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  1. good !

    opening ceremonies coming up ! And valentines day :o

  2. good, how about yourself ?

  3. Gosh, I'm repeating the same things to you and powerice ! Oh well :)

    Currently in highschool :)

    I dont know, it makes my eyes look dark and my hair look odd. Oh well :)

    It's okay, I just realized that I put two oh well's :o

  4. gosh, your sucking up is so clear to see :) but thank you all the same !

    haha no i know ! that doesnt even matter to me !

  5. great, except my eyes are watering because I've been awake for so long !

    and you ?

  6. grrrrrrrrrrr face !

  7. haha change my religion just so I can go to sunday school ? :o

    it's like a disclaimer, dont sue me for anything you may catch !

  8. Haha do you ever make any sense :)

    you do realize that this guessing game that youre playing isnt gonna end right ? Because I like not telling you :)

  9. haha i was just wondering ?

    rawr !

  10. haha im not christian or catholic !

    i put up the warning btw :)

  11. haha no ! -7, back in neutral, congratulations !

    i've reached my quota for the day, i can help you out more later :) aaaaand, no problem, you dont need to rep me back since im in green anyway :)

  12. haha no, i just like to be mysterious :) keeps people wanting to know more :o

  13. haha what kind of a metaphor is that !

  14. haha you're crazy :)

    im gonna let you keep guessing until you realize your mistake :)

  15. haha, i think being biracial is hot :) too bad im not :(

  16. haha, I'm usually invisible so you cant tell if I stalk, I forgot that day :)

  17. haha, it's a natural talent i think :$

  18. haha, was that a guess ? :o

  19. haha, well it's not like im gonna check you out ! you're like a brother :o

  20. haha, you caught me there, i hardly watch tennis :o

    Exercising ? Im not very good at playing sports but I can run and that's pretty much it :)

    I dont go to ubc !

  21. hahah

    yes ! im a very angry person !

    kidding ! i make a variety of noises, animal ones :)

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