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  1. Sick? Haha, most people I know are sick right now! : I know, just somehow lost interest in CDC! The classic posters are no longer around, but I guess it happens. Haha. I'm alright, I'm not sick at least. : )

  2. Hey! how's it going?

  3. Same here... 2nd last year for me haha. I can't believe it went by so fast. : \ I'm just slacking off, still getting grades though haha. Guess I'm just lucky. Nothing much really, just got back into posting sourta. : D

  4. Oh yeah. Haha, what's up?! Been awhile.

  5. Nothing really, haven't been active in awhile. : \

  6. binkybonks


    Who did Federer face?
  7. Why do you care?

  8. Yes. What's wrong? : \

  9. Yes I did, haha. Zomg Leet was to leet for me. : \ I've been browsing the board and the usual posters aren't around anymore... what the hell happened to this place?

  10. Nothing. It's been awhile. How are you doing? : )

  11. binkybonks


    You're surprised?
  12. binkybonks


    Who needs a fan when you've got one of these...
  13. binkybonks


    Federer is going to kill Roddick.
  14. Wooo! Rain tomorrow! My trip to Vegas won't be cancelled!
  15. I'm going to Vegas on the 27th... I hope TWN doesn't change the forecast because it looks good right now. Rain. Better than snow.
  16. Snow is a b*tch. I hope it rains soon.
  17. Supposed to snow on the day I get out of school. Wooooooo!
  18. Who are you and why the random post?

  19. Are you too poor to afford a heater?
  20. Yo, my friend chrispaul has activated his account through email but still isn't working. He needs an admin to do it.

  21. Then follow and copy me. :)

  22. $113 with tax and all that included. Ergh, I wanted these other ones... they were on sale for $70, but I had shoes in mind.

  23. Haha cool. I wish I went! :( But then again, I got my sweater.

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