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Status Updates posted by Venom52

  1. Fire Av now's username is good luck...

  2. More like "Jacking off to" tehe

  3. I'm the lord of the flies @@

  4. wtf? I thought my comp was messin up when I first saw your username

  5. :S Nope. not me lol

  6. Yup. Wut you gunna do bout it?

  7. happy birthday!!!

  8. What?!?! I have been destroyed!!11!

  9. Hey today is your birthday too? lol I find it cool that the last comment on here was the birthday wishes I sent you on this very date a year ago :)

    Happy Birthday

  10. but...but...I thought you were my biggest fan :(

  11. hey did you get my pm informing you about the fantasy sim game? just making sure because I don't know if it sent or not

  12. "When Booby Lu's in the net, ma" awesome video

  13. thanks for the sig man! it looks amazing!

  14. whose in your sig?

  15. your only 30 posts away from being the all time poster on CDC

  16. liesauce tastez good wit french friez

  17. I thought the "25" in your name was to worship the "52" in my name :'( just like Mario wore 66 to mimick Gretzky's 99 lulz

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