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  1. The Canucks should have picked Sophia Jurksztowicz.
  2. Canucks management, being as progressiveas they are, and in touch with events around the league... was overheard after the third period ordering defibrillators for the entire team.
  3. Wow so many sensitive people here ready to beat themselves up. Grow a pair and step back and look at situation. Two meatheads go to a greasy bar on a Saturday night. An altercation breaks out. They threaten each other. One has nothing to lose. The other is a famous hockey player who has everything to lose. So he goes to the media and says he's done defending Vancouver. What??? What about you being out at a bar at 2am. Doesn't your team have a curfew? This story isn't about his church or his family. it's also not about all the beers and well wishes all the other fans from here have giv
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