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  1. If we got Brandon Sutter, Derrick Pouliot, and a 1st round pick this year or next year... I'd be more than happy to trade Kesler. Pouliot almost made the pens this year and by getting a prospect like him into our system, we could afford to move one of Bieksa, Edler, Garrison, or Stanton. Moving Stanton isn't ideal because he's more valuable to our team than as trade bait, but to allow us the possibility of swapping a defensemen for some wing depth is what our team desperately needs. Even if Pouliot isn't ready next year, we still have a solid defensive core and if we're going through a rese
  2. Whenever I read the name Sven, I always think back to that HIMYM episode which has Barney being shown the GNB building and the dancing and singing from Sven (The architect).

  3. Lmfao. Love how this thread is still going.
  4. If anyone here believes the world is ending, by all means drop any valuables you may possess at my house by 10 pm tonight :)

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    2. Armada


      I have 16 children you can have them.

    3. Durian


      i've got a huge bag of garbage that i value a lot

    4. JHansenFan


      1) 11 is okay. But no later.

      2) I only have enough food for 12. Please pick your twelve favorite

      3) hey if you lug it over here you can leave it in front of my house

  5. School...school...school. I cannot wait for my month off for Christmas.

  6. Banned for not coming out to support me while I play hockey.
  7. Banned for not realizing there's no where else to put it.
  8. Banned because my phone is on 3G right now and not LTE
  9. Banned for not being a famous singer. (Ellie Goulding.)
  10. Banned for banning me for a black and white avatar, yet having a black and white avatar also.
  11. Banned for thinking people like your sigs. You know it's just pity.
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