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  1. hey apparently I'm the one that needs a life for getting trolled by some insecure Canucks fans. lel y'all are too funny.

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    2. Intoewsables


      dammit man don't get banned again

    3. AriGold


      Baer, can you just delete this mess..

    4. Tearloch7


      Baer is a man of the strongest convictions ..

  2. Whenever I read the name Sven, I always think back to that HIMYM episode which has Barney being shown the GNB building and the dancing and singing from Sven (The architect).

  3. MacKinnon avatar. Yeah buddy

  4. can you guess my former identity, my stud muffin?!

    1. JHansenFan


      I can't remember your name, but i had you on msn....... mr.wiggles :3

  5. You do your body work I feel my pulse working overtime

  6. you slut

    1. JHansenFan


      work that body baby doll

  7. oh have i missed you <3

  8. game freak!

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    2. WillyFox
    3. Baercheese


      hows mommys basement

    4. WillyFox


      not bad hows giving your roomys BJs?

  9. hey just thought id say your a Flamer

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    2. Baercheese


      lol not even i've watched barely 1 episode

    3. WillyFox


      still hahaha joking its okay you live in calgary alot of them gay cowboys eh ;)

    4. Baercheese


      shut the frack up you ride your bf's chicken like no other

  10. you're only a scrub, stfu

  11. you dont have to be so mad

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