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  1. I haven't had a chance to follow any prospects that we could choose. But this seems like an exceptional point that people need to consider! Seems like lots of people like the 2 Q dman. But I would be very skeptical
  2. So lets say that Bo gets sent down. Would you rather have Domi stick with Arizona, giving Horvat a even bigger role with the Knights? Or have Domi sent down where the Knights will be a stronger team with a better chance at success? I've been struggling with this one a bit since they both have their advantages. I think I would want Max to stick in the NHL. Whats everyone else's opinion?
  3. Rumblings going around the league that Torts plans to join the Calgary Flames as an assistant coach
  4. I feel the same, about being psyched regardless of who we get. Like everyone else I have an opinion on who I want but I will 100% back who ever we select. The way I look at it is that scouts have a much better look at these players than me and most of CDC. So I will be excited no matter what. I'm curious if most people share this opinion though. How many people are going to instantly put down our new prospect simply because it wasn't "their guy"
  5. I don't want to start another draft thread. But I am very curious about this. So I'm just going to post it in here and hope to get quite a few replies. Will you be upset if the Canuck's pick one of the players you don't want? It appears that there's a group that wants a European and another group that wants a North American. I realize that people aren't making their choices based on which continent but it simplifies things and helps explain the question. So if you like Virtanen or Ritchie would you not like Ehlers or Nylander if we draft them?
  6. On my 5th try I got Canucks. But I got Oilers 3 out of 5 times
  7. I wanted to take a look at the size and weight of the "big three" in our division. Here's the top scorers from their teams (not in any particular order): Kings Carter 6'4 212lbs. Kopitar 6'3 224 lbs. Williams 6'1 189 lbs. Ducks Gezlaf 6'4 221 lbs. Perry 6'3 212 lbs Bonino 6'1 196 lbs Sharks *Pavelski only 5'11 190lbs. Marleau 6'2 220lbs. Thorton 6'4 220lbs. Also have: Burns 6'5 230lbs. Couture 6'1 200lbs Hertl 6'2 210lbs. (A lot fewer points because of injury) I just don't see how a guy like Willie Nylander who's 5'11 176lbs. according to ISS is more appealing. Why not take the risk with Ritchie who has a better chance to excel in our division in my opinion. They both have risk, but I feel as though a smaller players risk sadly increases if they're playing against bigger teams. If we have a more physical core than a smaller goal scoring player would be able to make it. But right now we have Kesler and Kassian as our only truly "big" players. In my opinion, Booth, Higgins, Burrows etc. don't really give a beating to anyone on the Sharks, Kings, and Ducks.
  8. Some of the people commenting in this thread REALLY need to watch the interview....
  9. For anyone who hasn't watch this highlight package: I strongly suggest you give it a watch Edit: sorry for not transfering the video right onto the board. Not exactly sure how to do that Edit: Edit: Thank-you elvis15 for the help!
  10. Alright good to hear. I had consistency issues in my game as well. It had nothing to do with a bad work ethic, so I completely understand. Ritchie seems to be a pretty solid potential pick.
  11. Thanks for the analysis! He seems like a guy who could really be helpful in our division. I question bringing in someone small like Ehlers. It's not a knock on him personally but I just think our schedule (playing against Perry, Getzlaf, Brown, Backes, Carter, Richards, Thorton, Marleau, Burns etc.) so often would be hard on most smaller prospect. Jeff Skinner is a great hockey player but I don't think he would be overally effective here either. As for the Beach comment: I've always got the feeling that some fans have become scared of drafting a big guy because of the buzz of Tom Sestito this year. Everyone kept talking about how he scored so many goals in junior. But now he's a 4th line enfourcer. I'm not saying that Sestito and Ritchie are similiar in any way. But I do think people are afraid of a Beach or Sestito V2. One last question: If consistency is his biggest issue, what's his attitude like? Is he a hard working, character guy or is his consistency problems based off a more underlying character issue?
  12. I've been researching these prospects for quite some time now. A lot more so than other years. But I have not made up my mind on who I would like to see picked. Presuming the top 5 are gone, there appears to be a lot of different opinions on who we should take. But what I'm wondering is what worry people about Ritchie fundementally? The other players in his range have all had a weakness clearly identified. But with him all I hear over and over is that he's big and won't be able to use his size in the NHL. Why won't he be able to use his size in the NHL? I hear he has good speed so it can't be that. Is his shot weak? does he lack hockey sense? Does he shy away from the physical game against bigger people? I would like a solid opinion on him that doesn't talk about him being too big. I've read that he is weak defensivily. So I already know that and don't think it is a make or break deal. Defense can be taught and we have Horvat, Gaunce etc who are great in their own end. We need a player who can excel offensively in my opinion.
  13. They would LOVE to get Ekblad I am sure. But I was saying if he's gone they seem pretty certain that it would be Draisaitl. Why are they so sure? I don't know. But that's a good question you bring up. I think it would be a mistake if they draft a dman JUST for the sake of drafting a dman. I totally understand drafting for organizational needs. But in some situations it can be taken too far. If Edmonton would take a forward than they would definitely be making a trade to bring in some D-men. Which in my opinion is the better move than drafting a guy way too early because of organizational needs
  14. Oiler fans seem pretty convinced that MacT picks Draisaitl if Ekblad is not an option
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