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  1. Think it's worth noting in the 2019 draft, Canucks made 9 selections. 0 of which were defensemen and 6 were wingers. Hughes, Woo, and Juolevi are the only defensemen we've drafted in the first two rounds since 2008!!! 14 years of not selecting a quality defenseman other than Hughes. Very sad.
  2. 4 mil for a fringe guy with 13 points in 99 career games? Don't we have enough anchors?
  3. I don't believe this. Seider is a right shot dman with the potential to be as good as huggy. I said this in another proposal targeting Nemec from New Jersey; GMs don't just trade right shot defensemen even if it appears as "fair value".
  4. Baer.

    I am a troll...

    Some people only read the title, or the first line in a thread. People should really read the entire post. Good thread, haha. Furthermore... Lumpsuckers are named appropriately enough; their portly bodies are nearly spherical with generally drab coloration and lithic patterns. The "sucker" part refers to the fish's modified pelvic fins, which have evolved into adhesive discs (located ventrally, behind the pectoral fins); the fish use these discs to adhere to the substrate. Many species have bony, wart-like tubercles adorning the head and body; these are important taxonomic features of the family. The simple, rounded fins are small with the exception of the broad, fan-like pectorals, which actually extend ventrally. The first of the two dorsal fins is spinous, with 4-8 spines; in some species, this fin is completely overgrown with skin and therefore not visible. While the lateral line in lumpsuckers is otherwise reduced or absent, it is well developed in the head; some species even have tubular, whisker-like external projections of the opercular canal, which is a part of the cranial lateral line system.
  5. So if New Jersey calls and says they will trade us Jack Hughes for Pettersson, Lekkerimaki, and a 1st, you think that's fair?
  6. Three firsts including a 2nd overall pick? Man, lotta homers in this thread.
  7. Why would they trade Nemec (highly sought after RD) for a LD of similar cieling? And they have to add a 1st? Lol keep dreaming. Not to mention Nemec has 3 inches and 10 pounds on Quinn. There are no defensemen projected top 10 in next year's draft, either. The thought that NJ doesn't need Nemec cause they have Hamilton and Marino is laughable. And you also want them to add Severson! Crazy.
  8. No, we have to call out Aquilini and his management team for toxicity. The loyal fans deserve better than what's being displayed.
  9. I was considering applying for the Flyers position, but seeing that two trades have been made without an active GM has now turned me away and makes me question the integrity and legitimacy of the league.
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