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  1. I think it comes down to 2 things. Can Rask come back healthy and start playing elite hockey again, and can they get all their vets signed. If Krejci walks and they can't get a good replacement, it's another step back for Boston. They might try for another run but a couple first round bounces might force them to make drastic decisions.
  2. wtf brutal..... :sad:
  3. Last call on guys like Varlamov, Coburn, Kempny Also Merrill and Scandella and Kessel Looking for picks/prospects
  4. Only thing is there is no point in protecting myers because there's no way Seattle would pick him with that contract anyways.
  5. Brayden Coburn, newest member of the Islanders, is available for a draft pick or prospect.
  6. Playoff players available for trade out of Minnesota: Bellemare (COL) Panik (WSH) Scandella (STL) Simmonds (TOR) Dubnyk (COL) Also available: Dzingel, Kessel, Coburn, Nutivaara,Montour
  7. Weren't leftists rioting for like 6 months last year? Didn't a bunch of people literally take over a section of Seattle for 3 weeks? Violence takes no political side.
  8. Caps release: Nikita Kucherov Kole Lind Adam Mascherin Dylan Strome Anthony Beauvillier Mika Zibanejad Erik Karlsson Jayson Vichorek Andrey Yanovskiy Jordan Binnington Dominik Blaha Cody Kawalit Later cucks....
  9. This is such a bizarre move by the jets, somebody please rationalize this because it seems like a completely backwards move for the jets.
  10. 2031 Playoffs Capitals Roster Kyle Connor - Connor McDavid - Seb Wild Nikita Kucherov - Eric McConnell - Cole Carter Anthony Beauvillier - Dylan Strome - Adam Mascherin Nathan Goulet - Mika Zibanejad - Kole Lind Jérémy MacMaster - Andrew Graham Dylan Ansell - Erik Karlsson Andrey Yanovskiy - Jason Vichorek Ilya Samsonov Jordan Binnington
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