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  1. Weren't leftists rioting for like 6 months last year? Didn't a bunch of people literally take over a section of Seattle for 3 weeks? Violence takes no political side.
  2. Caps release: Nikita Kucherov Kole Lind Adam Mascherin Dylan Strome Anthony Beauvillier Mika Zibanejad Erik Karlsson Jayson Vichorek Andrey Yanovskiy Jordan Binnington Dominik Blaha Cody Kawalit Later cucks....
  3. This is such a bizarre move by the jets, somebody please rationalize this because it seems like a completely backwards move for the jets.
  4. Why? 40 goal scorer for 50 point center?
  5. 2031 Playoffs Capitals Roster Kyle Connor - Connor McDavid - Seb Wild Nikita Kucherov - Eric McConnell - Cole Carter Anthony Beauvillier - Dylan Strome - Adam Mascherin Nathan Goulet - Mika Zibanejad - Kole Lind Jérémy MacMaster - Andrew Graham Dylan Ansell - Erik Karlsson Andrey Yanovskiy - Jason Vichorek Ilya Samsonov Jordan Binnington
  6. Enjoy retirement....a true capitals legend....,,,
  7. Capitals release Bo Horvat to FA
  8. Minnesota places a claim on Markus Nutivaara
  9. Please don't spam with the loui face emoji. Use it sparingly and only if you are truly "loui" about the content in a post...NOT to shadow a user or make a point.


    1. Chickenspear
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      Please don't ever take away loui from us 

  10. Capitals release: Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Artturi Lehkonen Tom Wilson Sasha Mutala Xavier Bouchard