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  1. Capitals release Mike Matheson to FA
  2. Capitals release Christian Bretzman and Mikey Anderson
  3. Claim Lehner waive Pickard if successful
  4. Good game all! Maybe I will play again but my activity level this game is pretty much what you can expect from me.
  5. vote NIK let's just finish this game
  6. then again...qwags sussed AV...could the whole thing have been a ploy?
  7. this post in particular, NIK questioning qwags for defending AV maybe if AV knew he might be able to pull it off in the final 3 if he sacked qwags...
  8. unvote actually NIK was one of the first voters of qwags. both had their vote on at some point. not sure who to trust 100% but AV made the more compelling case against qwags.
  9. vote nik AV lead the charge against qwags. I have a 50% chance of being right!
  10. Qwags was the other voter so it could be him also that earlier post is sketch