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  1. If so - and I know you will - please teach him the Salmon Arm handshake. Thanks.
  2. The only thing this looks like to me is a recipe for a Benning firing!
  3. Sometimes threads just need someone to say something and then it gets back on track. The pages since have been a pleasure to read, especially those lines and PP units
  4. Can someone make a thread that's for random arguing, horse beating, and misc jibber jabber so that threads, such as this training camp one, can be used for what they're designed to be? Aye yi yi, every day I have to read through a handful of pages for updates to unfortunately find too much of the former before landing on a morsel of the latter. Never mind, this is CDC; I'm now reminded of George Bush, so this one's on me.
  5. Sean Carleton is a $h!tty historian if he can't even take a few moments to research the creation of the logo and how Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment consulted with local Indigenous peoples to ensure their corporate logo was okay and didn't cross any lines.
  6. I don't know if this has already been asked, but don't we all already wear masks?
  7. That's amazing! There are (or at least were, I haven't been there for 10 years) some monsters in there. Small world I should add, Warren Lake is where I caught the one in my photo. Gotta be on the lake early because you'll hit a couple but then they stop feeding when the sun is slightly higher and you'll catch nothing. I've had some hit so hard my rod almost flew out of my hands and my leader completely snapped. Leech pattern slays. I don't recommend trying to get a 4x4 down there, so a belly boat is a must, but it's worth the 1 or 2km walk in.
  8. Absolutely - White Lake all the time. Great shoals, so clear! The better one ended up being Gardom Lake after they killed it off to get rid of the bass and perch. Within four years I was landing 6lbs'rs. I was in the water after work within 15 mins. When a hatch happened it was something to behold. Just an absolute swarm of mayflies and the fishing was almost too easy. Gawd I miss the fly.
  9. Nice lil chronies and catches you got there! When I lived in ye old Salmon Arm years ago I would hit up the Kamloops area lots. Small hike-in lake with my belly boat on my back while listening to Eddie Vedder's Into the Wild soundtrack, just loving life. It has been almost 10 years since this photo (around 8lbs on a 5lbs rod), when I was last fishing, but this upcoming spring I will be getting back into it, tying up some chronies and my patented dragon leech, and enjoying the early morning mist rising with no one around. I sure miss seeing a strike indicator barely move before setting the hook. Best thread in ages. Cheers.
  10. When I read the article mentioning pools will not open, it mentioned how lots of people were asking if they would be remaining closed. Really? You had to ask? Really?
  11. I've seen them together only a couple of times, but I could definitely see the benefit in them doing them together more often, because I do agree that she's great at what she does but her messaging isn't quite suited for creating a sense of urgency during a state of emergency. That's definitely where Horgan shines.
  12. Totally agree. Horgan is the same. It's quite refreshing. One thing I really like about JH is how he always says the person's name who asks the question, and after he's made all his points in his calm, assertive way he restates their concern with his answer but in an concise follow up. He's a very good speaker and leader. It's reassuring to see our leaders do so well during such a crisis. Hopefully we'll be better prepared next time.