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  1. About to dip my toes into crypto with 1k. I'm looking at Ada. Anyone have thoughts/ recommendations?
  2. Sure do! I literally said it the other day and my wife looked at me like a crazy person, ha! Classic. Back on topic, it would be nice if some white space was automatic when quoting someone, but that's real nitpicking. Colours, maybe the usernames could be Canucks blue and the +votes Canucks green? Some team colours like that here and there would be cool. Although I don't mind the light grey for cleanliness, I feel I might enjoy more colour touches here and there.
  3. Do. Not. Tease. I support this 1000%. Btw, I enjoy white space for readability. I love how clean everything feels. Dark mode, tho, would be a game-changer, especially with the skate colours, so yes, please. (Agree with the red button critique. Not a fan.)
  4. Do it. You'll never regret owning and living on SS or Pender. Great little communities with the best weather in Canada all year round. It wouldn't surprise me if it's true. When you hear rumours about it happening, those rumours often have some truth to them.
  5. This ^ The valuation of art started to change - arguably - with the impressionists, where meaning started to drift away from skill and into the revolt of the times. Historical significance became of greater importance with each art movement, which we still see today with Beeple's NFT. I find most art to be increasingly pretentious and narcissistic with each "movement", and I still find my personal meaning within landscape art, as I enjoy looking at nature in real life and prefer quiet moments of reflection in nature rather than some pretentious and narcissistic "message" that the
  6. Jester13

    17/22 sick

    Yet another example of why math isn't fun.
  7. Just wait, because there's still...
  8. You've just simply overpaid with our captain 200ft player in Bo, our leading scorer and amazing assistant captain, a blue chip D prospect, AND a 1st. Maybe listen to everyone saying what I'm saying and you the only one proposing an overpayment. It's not us. It's you.
  9. This is the first time I've laughed at someone's post that wasn't meant to be funny, but this proposal is just simply laughable. What an overpayment.
  10. Sounds like you're in the process of becoming woke, which is good, but the next step - hopefully - is that you then become awake, which is the stage after where you're able to parse through all the woke bs and be able to see and express criticism where it's warranted on both the left and the right.
  11. Hmm, straight across, I'm in, but both our guys I pass; but I sense and feel ya on the frustration. Gawd, I love your hard-hitting posts. Makes me laugh out loud every time. Kudos on one of the best CDC bits around.
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