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  1. I'm very upset that the NHL didn't play recorded BOOs for when Bettman came out to award the cup. Sacrilege!
  2. This. He and the entire team know he could cost us some very important assets and team players, and all because he can't see the light that he's done in the league. I think he'll do the right thing and retire or terminate and move on. I also think this will be a year where we're all pleasantly surprised at how well things work out for us.
  3. Change the 2nd to a 1st and let's go. And I think you're bang on with all of that, and I'll add that it'll also be less if a sting for the team for Boeser to get traded, as they'll all be understanding and happy for him to go home. I could easily see this deal getting done. With Hog and Podz coming up, as well.
  4. I've been a Jake supporter since the beginning, but at some point management has to realize that he can't be ready for even one training camp at the beginning of a season, nor for training camp for a series that WILL GET US INTO THE PLAYOFFS. The emphasis is added for good reason. If Jake can't get up for playoffs, when the entire rest of his team is, then he never will. (Maybe he will with another team, but he won't with us.) Ship him out for his own good. And for our good. I'm sure Green et al will be happy to not have to continue developing a player each year like that, only to not see things sink in time and time again. Jake is a classic example of a young person squandering a golden opportunity. It's a total shame.
  5. Trade Sutter, Roussel, Benn, and Beagle. Give Gaudette and Jake more leash with amped up ice time. Keep Demko. Play OJ. Oh, and trust whatever Benning does.
  6. Our young core stepping up impressed me the most. To do what they did at such a young age with little to no NHL postseason experience says to me we're in for a run with at least one cup in our near future.
  7. Absolutely disgusting. And yet CNN and lots of the left continues to justify this chaos.
  8. @Biff TannenI should also add that I was taught this new form of racism in university, with Foucoult and Derrida at the centre of it all, all based in power, oppression, and white supremacist society. It's well-intentioned but misguided and only hurts the cause we're all hoping to fix of inequality. Classes were full of students calling each other racist, and that environment has only gotten worse.
  9. Ha! I'm not going to read it, as what I've watched of her and others discuss says enough for me. I trust the thinkers I admire, such as Sam Harris, Bret Weinstein, and Heather Heying, on this topic to know well-enough that they're not the types to misrepresent someone's views, as their academic brands are that of intellectually honesty and making the world a better place. They're all progressive liberals and humanists as well.
  10. I haven't read it, but I've watched DiAngelo on YouTube speak a few times about her theory as well as academics discuss the book and it's major pitfall.
  11. Agreed. And this is one part we have to get others to understand (on the right) is that a family unit doesn't have to be male-female. If we started talking more about the family unit in general (find that common ground) while promoting the various looks of a family unit, then I think we can get there. There is common ground somewhere in there. 100% agree and understand the profiling and systemic racist policies. No argument there. It's flat out wrong to do so, and it's great that people are becoming more aware. However, and this is not to throw shade at such important issues as that, the error with the current climate is that hate and systemic racism is now being created towards white people in the name of "because you have white privilege." This hurts the change we want to see in the world. I want to give a recent example but can't because I don't want to get fired. I'll pm you. Which is also a big problem in itself. The danger in the current climate is that people are increasingly believing that Canada is racist, America is racist, white people are racist. The reality is that racism exists and so do racists. But books like White Fragility and How to be an anti-racist are labelling ALL white people and ALL of western society as racist, and people are buying into it. We all need to repent for our sins - sounds familiar, ya? I used the Kafka trap as an example earlier, which is the error in logic that proves itself to show that white people are racist and you're either an anti-racist that has to act and be a certain way or else you're a racist. I've said it before, nothing is black or white, but the current societal shift in thinking is making it binary. Again, isn't it ironic that the non-binary crowd loves to debase so many issues into binary answers.
  12. Oh, man, I read Apropos right when it came out. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still thinks he's innocent, ha! Such an interesting story the whole Mia thing. If anyone even took an hour to look I to it they'd see right away how innocent he is and how sadly messed up Mia and her family is. And I agree, the book thread is only used by crickets. It's a shame. I'm definitely going to check out all the Kaufman. Good stuff.
  13. That's the stuff I was hoping people would see. The conservative mindset of "pull up your bootstraps" gets a lot of flack, and rightly so in a sense because it tends to come across as being easy to do; however, I think there's something to it, in that mindset plays a huge role in outcome. For example, we hear stories of single black women, working many jobs, in the poorest black neighbourhoods and having their children go on to getting educations and breaking a family cycle of poverty, and the one thing you often hear the children say is how "you're getting an education" was always something their mother preached. Value was put onto a solution for making something of themselves. Compare that mindset to one that talks about everything in society oppressing them and putting up barriers in their way, that they're doomed from the start. Also, the issue of single parents with no father figures around also plays a huge part, yet we can't talk about this for some reason. Why? These values are not just conservative values. Weinstein and Heying in the Dark Horse Podcast talk about it lots, as they're both evolutionary biologists, as well as progressive liberals. I was thinking about this the other day, in how the effects on poor black men in America often lack the father figure, and it made me think about Jordan Peterson's large following of young white men gravitating to him. Hear me out (ha!)... No father figure, no personal sense of agency, no structure that comes with two stable parents (doesn't always have to be male-female) = lots of issues. It's something I've heard lots of JBPs supporters all claim, just like Tatum, in that what they're preaching is something they didn't learn growing up, so thousands of men, mostly, finally have some confidence in themselves and personal agency to make something of themselves. The effects of institutional racism has certainly played a huge part in generational socioeconomic movement upwards, but the current mindset that is taught (by the left, basically) is not working; in fact, it keeps the people they want to help down in society. Isn't it ironic. At some point we have to start talking about solutions to help people of all creeds realize that oppression is oftentimes a state of mind, and that opportunity is all around us. Yes, it's going to be hard to get ahead and take advantages of the opportunity around us, but the helicopter and snow plough parenting styles do not help us overcome challenges but rather leave us without any idea how to face challenges in the first place. The result is an even wider wealth gap and widespread grievance.
  14. Although I do agree with everything you said, did you hear anything interesting besides the criticism you've mentioned?