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  1. I definitely don't know much about Nate like you and others obviously do, and this makes me excited, what you're saying. I'm already thinking about how much better Tanev was with Hughes and how much better Nate could be with him. It'll be easy to wash down with the champagne from the mouth of Lord Stanley. I lol'd. I wish I could give more pluses
  2. It's not about could've but rather should've. I love and will miss our boys - Marky, Tanev, Stech - but Benning is trying to win us a cup. I choose cup over sentimentality.
  3. If people want to blame anyone, blame Tanev for signing the contract. He got offered more money and term, so I, for one, won't blame him. And for those blaming Benning for contracts and not being able to sign 6x6 or 4.5x4, well, blame Hughes and Petey for speeding up JBs rebuild timeline, something no one saw coming. Don't fret, Benning still has lots of time to make moves.
  4. Absolutely. Can't Kesler him like Gillis did all those years with fringe 2nd liners.
  5. JB & Co are working hard right now and likely giving nothing away, so the media might just be reporting to report something, and what better to report to Nucks fans than something negative.
  6. Judd Brackett does it again. How does he do it? Edit: Beat me to it, @Robert Long
  7. Welcome to the Canucks, Joni.
  8. I'm very upset that the NHL didn't play recorded BOOs for when Bettman came out to award the cup. Sacrilege!