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  1. I'm predicting this to be our "open the flood gates" game... 7-1 for the good guys
  2. I'm pretty sure it was Benning that sounded hopeful about more offence from Dickie. I'm hopeful that he's just finding his legs still early in the season, because so far he looks pretty slow out there. My eye test hasn't been able to tell if he's been effective or not, but I still think he was a good signing.
  3. Agreed, I was on board with this trade right away and have been pumped for them to prove everyone wrong. Success is the best revenge, so let's goooooooo!!!!
  4. Does SJ know it's the regular season now and not pre-season, or is that their actual roster?
  5. I'm certainly not. Love to see Chaisson on the 4th line and Podz promoted. I'd rather like to see Hogs with Petey and Miller, but I'm still happy to see what I see.
  6. He definitely makes the third line better, but I feel like he'd create even more chances in the top 6 and also have more help to capitalize on those chances.
  7. Hoglander should be in the top 6. He's so good at coming out of corners and off the board with the puck. Slide Chaisson down. That is all. Oh, and tonight was not Miller Time. K, now that is all.
  8. Hogs looks amazing and is on the 3rd line. Chaisson on the top line and top pp. Garland is our newest scoring weapon, but see comment above about Chaisson. Miller looks like he can't take or give a pass tonight. Pp is stale. But other than that the team looks good tonight!
  9. Honestly, I think it's still too early to tell. Let's circle back after this year, which is our first "win now" year in Benning’s tenure.
  10. Shows how much we're missing Brock, Motte, Hamonic, and Sutter, eh. Imagine... Miller-Pettersson-Brock Pearson-Horvat-Garland Motte-Dickinson-Höglander Podkolzin-Sutter-MacEwen Hughes-Hamonic OEL-Myers Hunt-Poolman Rathbone-Schenn Demko Halak
  11. I remember when I got reemed out a few years ago from some CDC'ers for expressing my concern with OJ's lackadaisical approach to the game, and how I thought he needed to play with a sense if urgency, like Tanev, and show he deserves a spot on the team. Too bad, because I had high hopes for him, and there's nothing worse than seeing such good talent have such poor drive.
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