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  1. Oh, I am, but I don't like to boast, as I don't want to have to always explain detailed concepts to others, such as how a poet laureate is someone who taste tests the potato yield each year in Luxemburg, or how iambic pentameter is a sour beer that comes from a 100 year-old brewery in a small town on the border of Poland and Germany. The last thing I want is to spew such esotericism and come off as pretentious - I save all of that effort for Reddit.
  2. The literary critic never writes a masterpiece.
  3. It's not like GMs and agents sit in a room day after day trying to hammer out a contract. With everything going on these last few weeks, I'm not surprised it's not done yet, as these things take time. It's the main focus now, and from the sound of it, they're just ironing out the details on what works best for the players and team. But also from the sound of it, the players have the team in mind, so there is no squeezing going on from anyone. I expect we'll hear an announcement this week.
  4. Saying others are acting like the victim and then acting like you're the victim ... that's the epitome of projection. Keep it up while I watch this fantastic psychological thriller
  5. This "debate" seems pretty easy for me to parse: Did we pay more for Poolman? Yes. Why? Because we weren't the only team interested in his services and he was a free agent. Were there other RHD options for the same cap or cheaper on the market? Maybe Hakanpaa, but maybe he didnt want to sign with us. Will Poolman's cap cripple us? No. Could his cap look good long-term? Yes. In the end, did we fill a need of a defensively-minded RHD? Sure did. Am I missing something? Oh, yeah, Benning is both the worst and bes
  6. I think what he's trying to say is that Poolman is already a Nucks whipping boy right after signing a new contract, and simply because past players (e.g. Loui) didn't show up to play to expectations. Classic Canucksland.
  7. Yeah, I think they'll be interchangeable, depending on game needs. At first I was thinking about two very green players on the same line, and figured balancing out the lines with Hogs on the 2nd line, but, really, there's so much that will determine the lines, such as chemistry and performance. Heck, Podz could be place on the #1 line in no time for all we know. He's that good. Green has so many options, so it'll be a test for him to find the best combos. Fml, why do we have to wait for so long until training camp?!
  8. Instant fan favourite. If this guy makes the team then he needs to be interviewed after every. single. game.
  9. Listening to Hunt on 650, it's great to hear the enthusiasm with this guy. I love that he's jacked to be a part of the organization.
  10. Harmonica can play harmony with both players, which sounds nice to these ears.
  11. I think the right word to use here is depth. It's because we needed depth.
  12. Are you referring to Hamonic, Poolman, and Schenn? You're wondering why we signed all three of them and not just two?
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