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  1. No. I've been saying it all along... Schroeder is a bust and belongs in juniors
  2. This just in - Schroeder is still an over-rated midget and ANOTHER year won't change that unless were going for a 2015 top five pick.
  3. If Sweden was smart they'd loan Edler to whoever they're playing that day. Boy Bieksa sure looks good with that C on his chest... Imagine having a passionate, gritty, canadian as captain. Hopefully the new coach gives juice the captaincy.
  4. damnit, what channel is it on!???! i just got home from work and i cant find the damn game anywhere! even tsn.ca says tune in live on radio...
  5. i've seen you try and tell people how to reply to a thread before - it doesnt work that way... especially the way this site is modded. if anyone wants to start a topic on torts saying the core is getting older, or if in fact the team is aging, or how big of a factor that was in our downfall this year, they will be directed to this thread before being powerlocked. so get over it. TO laughs is right, this has been the arguement since 2011... really it was a matter of time - i think torts was completely right in saying that, and he said it after taking the full blame for the season,(maybe you should watch the interview instead of making a thread based on what, a 10 word tweet?) AS WELL AS being very open about mistakes he has made. 2 first round exits in a row, one was a sweep and one is also the number of playoff games we won in the last 3 seasons... how can anyone argue that age didnt contribute to our downfall?
  6. I like how you type like your talking in the street. Did I say like? I meant you sound as intelligent as Edler plays da defence
  7. Good thing it's the last oilers game, gonna take forever to clean all that smyth saltwater off the ice. Edler sucks.
  8. Just so you don't think it's only Edler, I think Schroeder has no business in the NHL either. He should go back to playing Mike Myers' clone.
  9. Dude, you could put Patrick Roy, Brodeur, and Optimus Prime in net... And Edler would still make them look like sh#t
  10. I didn't think of it that way, hmmm...
  11. His beard has been great all year
  12. Yeah but Bieksa is Don Cherrys favourite, Jaygay has epic facial hair and Hammer won gold this year. What does Edler have besides that blank stare devoid of all thought?
  13. He was still a 0 when he scored 49 points, it was obviously Ehrhoff stacking his stats and the rest of the teams play hiding his brain damage.
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