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  1. 24 minutes ago, nuckin_futz said:

    The 2nd set was FAA's for the taking. Lost that set and he was done.


    Very good showing for Felix overall.

    Both Shapo and Felix were serving for a set in their respective grand slam semifinals only to get broken.




    It took Raonic until his third GS semi to win one. Hopefully Shapo and Felix build on the momentum 

  2. 4 hours ago, -DLC- said:

    Isn't it great!!!?


    1 hour ago, Smashian Kassian said:


    BM beat me too it but Golden age for Canadian Tennis.


    I missed the match but caught the highlights & a few of those drop shots Fernandez hit were beautiful. Two huge wins w/ FAA aswell.


    Watching Bianca a few years ago was the reason I became a Tennis fan, & now we have a number of amazing young players making their mark. Its an awesome sport.


    Excited for tommorrow, keep it rollin' Canada.





    Raonic paved the way and made us believe. 

    These guys have a higher ceiling than Raonic.


    A lower floor though, which is why shapo can't seem to rise higher than 10 (fails to take advantage of his seeding) and FAA has lost all 8 finals in his career. Consistency and winning even on their bad days will give them more opportunities to break through on their good days

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  3. 10 hours ago, Elias Pettersson said:

    True that.  But is Benning going to have the balls to put Juolevi on waivers?  I don't think he will do that personally.  I think Juolevi will have a good camp and will "earn" a spot on the team.  Schenn signed a 2 year deal, just came off winning 2 Cups, and is one of the more physical guys on the team, so I can't see any scenario where they put him on waivers.  

    I would put Juolevi on waivers in a heart beat if we first claimed some other team's not injury prone, and preferably right-side equivalent to Juolevi

  4. 2 minutes ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

    Yeah, it’s quite common. In fact, most of the currently reported/listed NHL PTOs are with players who are also on AHL deals (like Evan Fitzpatrick—signed with Charlotte, PTO with Florida; Alex Gallant—signed with Stockton, PTO with Calgary; etc). I’d expect to see the Canucks do the same with Abbotsford signed players they may want to bring to NHL camp.

    Ah, I only recall ever seeing PTO in the context of old washed up guys looking for a contract. 


    Its good for job security that guys can have both. So if a PTO shows really good and is signed, then his AHL contract is voided?

  5. 1 minute ago, EternalCanuckFan said:

    Some irony to this since I'm pretty sure it was a Vegas player who caused Baertschi's concussion which put him out for awhile and pushed him down the totem pole significantly.


    While I hope Baertschi doesn't score against the Canucks whenever they play Vegas, I hope he is able to resurrect his career with them.

    Tomas Hyka of the Golden Knights was who hit him.


    A Golden Knight was the one who blew up Leivo's knee too

  6. 49 minutes ago, Elias Pettersson said:

    Yes you can’t be signed to a pro contract and be playing in Junior. 

    You're confusing Junior and College.

    You can't play in College with a pro contract, that's why guys leaving college is a big deal.


    People have a contract, attend training camp and get sent back to junior every year. The issue with some players is they're too young for the AHL, so if they don't make the NHL, they are forced to return to junior

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  7. 4 minutes ago, stawns said:

    If you partner someone with a shutdown guy, you become a shutdown guy.  You will be playing against the other teams b st forwards most of the time

    Hughes was partnered with Tanev in his rookie season. He wasn't a shutdown D then.


    Hughes needs someone dependable behind him while he's wheeling

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