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  1. The difference has really been special teams thus-far. And that's despite the fact we haven't played great 5 on 5 the majority of the games either. If PP was clicking - and PK did better. I think we'd have had atleast one of these last few games, and things don't look so bad. Its hard watching the games to remove the emotion, and I'm as guilty as anyone, but if they can turn special teams around the result will start to look different.
  2. We had a horrific 2nd period that cost us the game. And the undisciplined 3rd didn't help. Up until that point some things I liked; - Travis Hamonic looks like he's getting better - Hoglanders awareness is rly impressive. There's things every game with him that standout. - Demko was pretty good. Game wasn't his fault. - In the first period Gaudette & Juolevi did some good things - PP looked better in the 1st period (trainwreck from there)
  3. We aren't aggressive enough. We stand around, watch, and wait for the other team to dictate the play. We don't move at all on the PP, just pass back and forth looking for the perfect play. Our passing is incredibly sloppy.
  4. Only gripe I have with Myers tonight is he didn't punch Tkachuk hard enough. Should've putting him on his ass rather than Tkachuk flopping to the ice.
  5. 3 game losing streak - special teams are a complete dumpster fire - and we have the best team in the Canadian division waiting for us. We are going to have to go 3-0 against Ottawa to stay in this playoff race (after we go 0-3 against MTL).