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  1. If it isn't related to the COVID spread then idk. Seems like a bad trade or atleast poor asset management. Hopefully Highmore is a good player & proves me wrong.
  2. Definitely, will be 2-3 yr bridges obviously. Lets say ballpark; Hughes 5-6M? Pettersson 6-7M?
  3. I agree they'll be good players, but just them coming in as rookies isn't going to be enough. I'm talking about the team taking a legitimate step, not just comparing the roster with X vs Y.
  4. How do they expect the team to improve? Podkolzin & Rathbone?
  5. I think they'll be fine with Pettersson/Hughes - though both will get bridge deals - but it just feels like were paying relative top dollar for a guy who hasn't been a consistent 20 goal scorer. The contract is not horrific in isolation, but under the circumstances of having a bunch of other bad contracts, its adding one to the pile and hoping it won't go badly.
  6. New style is interesting

  7. I'd be fine with 2-3 yrs at 2.5M. Pearson is having a bit of a down year, but is still a good player. Pearson isn't as easily replaceable as some may think, your not losing the asset, and in isolation it's good value at that AAV.
  8. I don't know her overall view on everything. Her stance was that she did nothing wrong, and the Canucks told them such - whether that's true I don't know, I'd assume so. To my knowledge going to the grocery store isn't illegal. She isn't a host on the podcast, just a guest/friend. I don't think shes a big enough deal to have to come out with a public statement, considering we don't know if this was her fault - again, apparently the Canucks said it wasn't. I think alot of people are taking it less seriously than before in our province, I don't really want to single her
  9. I think calling Micaela anti mask is a bridge too far, there's no proof of that. I commented on this somewhere else, but the reason the clip was posted is b/c the hypocrisy of that Podcast in generally being 'outspoken' & quick to attack others for these sorts of things, among other things, while having that comment made right on their own platform by someone they are close with. It's part of the stupid tribalism on Canucks twitter. I don't see the point of piling on Mrs.Gaudette, and I think for the most part people aren't. Unless this whole outbreak c
  10. I don't know if an outright attack on Gaudette just b/c he's sick is exactly what happened. From what I saw: There was a clip of his wife on a particular podcast saying she wasn't going to follow the rules regarding grocery shopping (they weren't supposed to go, rather all delivery, and she said she was going too anyways). More of the criticism was aimed at the hypocrisy of the podcast IMO, (b/c they are a group that tend to attack others for these sorts of things), rather than attacking Gaudette. Anyone actually blaming Gaudette was definitely in the minority - some, i
  11. Like I said, I don't really know what to think. Statistically the people who really suffer from this seems to be low, on the other hand there are cases 'close to home' where people really do suffer - anecdotally people close to me have gotten really sick (in the past). If I'm being cynical I think we are socially corrupted to the point where we can't deal with something serious like this properly - though I don't think I've figured that out completely. On the otherhand; I think we've taken half measures in the past when people were legitimately on board to fight this co
  12. As much as hockey has been a nice return to normalcy, here's a reality check that we are still going through hard times. I don't even know what to think beyond wishing the players that are really sick a speedy recovery.
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