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  1. As a Canadian, I'm a big Roy and Brodeur fan, but Hasek steals game after game after game even with a relatively weak team in front of him.
  2. Imho, the title should be changed to one of the following: Former Calgary Flames Brandon Prust being flamed for disgraceful tweet Former Montreal Habs Brandon Prust getting the "Pardon my French" treatment for disgraceful tweet Former New York Ranger Brandon Prust is a bad apple for disgraceful tweet He played only 1 year for the Canucks (not counting the Comets one-year stint) whereas he played 3 years for each of those teams.
  3. Prime is the key word for me in the question: are we talking about only one year (i.e., who had the best season among everyone on the list) or multiple consecutive years or who was at his prime the longest. If so, in that list, there are only 2 who have ever won the Hart: Peter Forsberg (2003) and Henrik Sedin (2010). As much as I love Henrik, Forberg was a beast on both ends so Forsberg gets the nod for me for best season ever. But if we're talking about who was at his prime the longest, then that's gotta be Lidstrom.
  4. Now if I can only get back the 1 minute of time I spent reading and trying to understand the original post. I kid!
  5. Yup, no way the Canucks will give up first rounders Luke Schenn (5th overall), Brandon Sutter (11th overall), Tanner Pearson (30th overall), and Olli Juolevi (5th overall) for Jack Eichel.
  6. Would love to see a proposal that gets us the 2 other (lesser) Hughes brothers instead of always sending Quinn out...
  7. I'm assuming the question is "which Canuck player in their prime with the Canucks are you taking?" Because otherwise, we would need to consider Cam Neely, Mats Sundin, Mark Messier (agh!). I'm also going to assume that we're talking about a whole season because otherwise, Thatcher Demko looked unbeatable in the playoffs the other year and Ryan Kesler was The Beast in a playoff series as well. So based on those assumptions, I was down to 4: Bure, Naslund, Sedins. If the Canucks need a goal and excitement, it's Bure. If the Canucks 2-way production and leadership, Naslund (with apologies to Trevor Linden). If I want to see someone revolutionize the game (i.e., the Sedin cycle), then it's the Sedins. Naslund and Daniel won the Ted Lindsay as the Most Outstanding Player. Only Henrik won the Hart. The Sedins both won the Art Ross as the top scorers. Despite Bure only winning the Calder, I'd have to go with him as I still believe that he was the main reason the Canucks, despite fielding an inferior team on paper to the other teams, were always a danger to go far in the playoffs.
  8. Chuck Norris Fact: the best defenseman award in hockey was supposed to be called the Orr trophy, but after reading about Chuck Norris, Bobby petitioned the league to name it Norris trophy instead.
  9. A bit off-topic here, but given that Mayweather has never lost, I guess he bet that he would win? If you are betting for you or your team to win, should that be banned?
  10. WIth all the new talent coming in and continuous improvement from their stars, I think the Abbotsford Canucks are a legit playoff team.
  11. One thing to remember is that Markstrom and Toffoli had injuries during the entire playoffs and that we didn't have Toffoli for all season. Imho, OEL is the key here. If he performs the way he performed in Arizona the past 2 seasons, this team will have a hard time reaching its potential.
  12. So I guess 2 more left to sign, and they're the most important ones: EP and QH.

    1. NUCKER67


      Don't they also need to re-sign Juolevi?  

    2. bree2


      and Dickenson?

  13. I want Adam Larsson at 4.5M...doh! I guess it'll be Hamonic, Myers, Schenn for us then. If nothing else, then you get good size for those. I miss Chris Tanev...
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