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  1. Chuck Norris Fact: the best defenseman award in hockey was supposed to be called the Orr trophy, but after reading about Chuck Norris, Bobby petitioned the league to name it Norris trophy instead.
  2. A bit off-topic here, but given that Mayweather has never lost, I guess he bet that he would win? If you are betting for you or your team to win, should that be banned?
  3. WIth all the new talent coming in and continuous improvement from their stars, I think the Abbotsford Canucks are a legit playoff team.
  4. One thing to remember is that Markstrom and Toffoli had injuries during the entire playoffs and that we didn't have Toffoli for all season. Imho, OEL is the key here. If he performs the way he performed in Arizona the past 2 seasons, this team will have a hard time reaching its potential.
  5. So I guess 2 more left to sign, and they're the most important ones: EP and QH.

    1. NUCKER67


      Don't they also need to re-sign Juolevi?  

    2. bree2


      and Dickenson?

  6. I want Adam Larsson at 4.5M...doh! I guess it'll be Hamonic, Myers, Schenn for us then. If nothing else, then you get good size for those. I miss Chris Tanev...
  7. For those of you doubting Peterson's love for Vancouver because his camp is considering offer sheets, here's what my source tells me is how it went down between him and his agent JP Barry: EP: I love it here in Vancouver. For as long as I get paid a decent salary, I'm good. JP: So, Petey, after you get your contract, what are you planning to spend it on? EP: Well, you know, get a house for myself in Vancouver and maybe a separate house for my parents for when they visit. How much does a 4-bedroom house in Vancouver cost nowadays? JP shows him the house prices EP:
  8. Draft picks will take a while to produce, and the team has already spent a lot of money to try to be competitive now. They will need to match any offer sheet.
  9. Liked what I saw of him in a small sample size. He seemed like a guy who knew his strengths and limitations and played within those parameters very well. All the best to him.
  10. Good article on the kid here: https://www.vancouverisawesome.com/canucks-hockey/canucks-take-a-big-swing-on-danila-klimovich-at-41st-overall-in-2nd-round-of-the-draft-3982772 . Some highlights: Hockey Prospect: “The defining feature of Klimovich is how many available options he has within his skillset to create and generate plays. He can force opponents into slowing their play against him by using his dynamic and adaptive hands in combination with his poise and deception. He can mix up his playmaking and shooting options well, due to having primary ability in both. He’s dangerous from
  11. Yeah, I know. Imho, here's how Jim need to approach the negotiations: GMJB talking to agent JP Barry: "So about the contracts of Elias and Quinn..." JP Barry: "Yeah, about that. You know, Heiskanen's getting $8.45 M AAV and Makar's getting $9 M AAV. Eichel's getting $10 M AAV and Matthews is getting $11.6 M AAV..." GMJB: "You're not thinking big enough about Elias and Quinn. I think Quinn's comparable is Hedman (who is getting $7.875 M AAV) and Elias' comparable is Nathan Mackinnon (who is getting $6.3 M AAV)."
  12. While I agree that Quinn needs to play better on his own end, when I watched the last few games of Colorado versus Vegas in the playoffs, I thought Makar's D wasn't good at all. He wasn't slowing down anybody.
  13. So many Coyotes news: Stanley Park and now also with the Canucks!

  14. I guess if you get the map and turn it 90 degrees counter-clockwise, then yeah, Reinhart gets his wish to head to the West Coast.
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