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  1. Green and Baumgartner's unwillingness to allow Juolevi to learn from his mistakes and basically benched him for most of the game is why im glad we have the potential to move on from them. What are they trying to prove with playing with 5 D? Im done with the coaching staff aside from ian Clark.
  2. More often than not, seeing a lot of mental mistakes from Quinn. Time to rest him and let him sit for the rest of the season and regroup for next year.
  3. I like Michaelis' hustle but he doesnt have the hands to do anything when he gets into positions for the puck.
  4. Part of me is really confused on why the Canucks struggle so much in the defensive zone this season. Is it the composition of players? Is it the structure/game plan set out by the coaching staff? Is it both? I mean on paper looking at our Dcore, the guys I see aren't that bad, if anything it looks fairly decent. Albeit we have four 30+ aged dman (Schmidt to turn 30 in a few months). But all seem capable as dmen. It just puzzles me why in the defensive zone they look so out of sorts. I'm not referring to just the period we see here which is unfair to fully judge, but eve
  5. I don't see a fit to be honest. Only has 1 more year left on his deal at 5.2 mil and the way he has produced, he will look for big money. Already have so many guys to worry about for this year with Petey and Hughes. Next season Boeser, and the following year Miller, Horvat deals expire along with Hoglander's ELC. I'm also not as comfortable draining our prospect pool at this point, have some good pieces, but with a lot of promotions and graduations to the big club, the prospect pool is quite shallow at the moment. Considering we aren't even close to being in a position to compete
  6. It was great dialoguing with you over the years! Wishing you and Utica fans the best of wishes you all begin a new journey with New Jersey, thank you for your coverage of the team and bringing insights to the West Coast as games were very hard to access at times over here.
  7. Its time to give some of the rookies a look. Get Lind and Gadjovich in upfront, and get some looks at Juolevi, Chatfield and Rafferty. The vets looked absolutely gassed. They've earned their rest.
  8. How is the powerplay this bad? I know we are missing our best offensive producer in Petey, but no way should our PP be this dysfunctional even without Petey. Its been dreadful all season long.
  9. Man Kyle Connor is such an underrated scorer. Jets have a beauty, his skating looks so effortless.
  10. I mean by "complimentary piece" in that Brock isn't a play driver, but plays very well alongside those who do. He finishes off plays and provides good support, but doesn't necessarily drive the play on his own. There is nothing wrong with him being that, sorta hoped he would regain that ability to drive play on his own like his rookie season, but with the emergence of Pettersson and Miller as the main play drivers, Brock takes a more back seat role until he is in the position to finish. Yes you pay for goals, you pay for that finish, and you pay to keep those guys, I ju
  11. As much as I like Brock, 7.5 mil for a complementary piece is expensive. And its only his QO, he could very well ask for more upwards of 8+ mil. if Taylor Hall pretty much a complementary offensive player can command 8 mil, Brock's pedigree for goals could likely match that amount and exceed it. I'm not as strong as I was in the stance of trading him last year now that he has improved his two way game, I don't think this team has enough depth yet to deal Brock, but I would explore that option to see what he is worth. However there is something to be said in retaining yo
  12. Its so odd, as much crap Sutter gets from the media and fanbase, when he is out, his lack of presence is really felt on the ice. Almost like Sami Salo esque, you know how important he is and you still criticize him here and there, but once he isn't part of the lineup you see a glaring hole because he brings a lot to the table.
  13. With Lind coming out, I fully expect that the Highmore experiment in the top six will continue. I love Highmore, but much like Motte, playing them up in the lineup is not ideal and really isn't conducive to team or personal player success. Highmore is good with limited bottom six minutes, but asking him to be an offensive contributor, you just aren't setting him up well for success.
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