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  1. I really hope Francisco and his higher ups read this forum...if so. Francisco, sincerely...screw you. Trying to control the social media platforms and the discourse surrounding the team is pathetic. It won't silence the voices of the fans. You cant hide, we will find every such way to hold you accountable and voice our passion. Taking away this forum continues the chasm of isolation that you have put fans through. It truly shows how out of touch you are with the fans of this team and city. If anything you are hurting this fanbase with your actions, but I guess it was never about the fans for you Francisco, more so what the fans could do for your pocket. Again, most sincerely...screw you and screw off. C4N signing off! See yall on forumcanucks.com!
  2. I'll be there, hope to see you there too https://www.forumcanucks.com/
  3. I never knew line combinations would serve to be such a breath of fresh air. Man I've missed Canucks hockey.
  4. The NHL requires teams to have 8 veterans in the preseason lineup. This is to prevent teams from loading up a preseason roster with just rookies and prospects and getting their face kicked in. Carolina and Phoenix have a really young team despite having some veterans, their AHL squads are not flushed with NHL experience. So they are likely trying to fill out their preseason rosters with PTO's to meet requirements and protect both the key veterans from having to play too many preseason games while also protecting their rookies from getting spanked around. The official verbiage in the CBA:
  5. Ideal situation is to be in wildcard spot and still trade Myers and other UFA's to accumulate picks and assets to flip for longer term solutions. Kind of what they did with Vanek for Motte. I don't think Myers will have a lot of worth on the market even now that his bonus has been paid. Teams know what he is...he is a big bodied mobile #5 dman. Hasn't changed since he was in Winnipeg. That gets you maybe a mid to low round pick. Luke Schenn only got a late third rounder last year bear the deadline, I can't see Myers being anything much more than that in return.
  6. Dave Tomlinson back in the summer suggested he was returning to Canada for another opportunity. He was a former 1040 color analyst and worked much of 2011 beside John Shorthouse for better half of 4 seasons when Shorthouse was on the radio. Po I think most likely that due to Ferraro still being employed another year with ESPN he will take a few of those games (2 that will be nationally broadcasted with the Canucks on ESPN) and a few sprinkled here and there, and Tomlinson will fill in the rest. I also would think Tomlinson may also make appearances on sportsnet 650 with Brendan Batchelor, as much of last year due to Corey Hirsch's departure, Randip Janda, Brett Festerling, Mike Santorelli were used throughout the season, but none of them really were good matches.
  7. fine fine fine.... Ballard, Raymond, and 3rd to go with their alumni squad.
  8. Carolina really liked Hoglander....would they be willing to take a package of Hoglander and Myers for Pesce? Very unlikely, but would like to see the team use that leverage to get a dman that can be a difference maker for us.
  9. Perhaps they loan him out, whether in Europe or maybe in the ECHL. Also entirely possible that he signs an standard AHL contract for the year before the Canucks decide to sign a standard ELC with him. Abbotsford is pretty stacked with centers, might be hard to find him development minutes with Aman, Dries, Sasson, Wouters, Raty likely ahead of him.
  10. He has some really good vision and playmaking skills. Just needs to clean up that faceoff ability and he may very well be our future 4C for a longtime.
  11. Something I just noticed is that the TD ad is on the jersey now when it was on the helmet 2 seasons ago. Not loving that.
  12. Very interesting that Zlodeyev will be here. Generally most Euro players will not attend them as their seasons begin overseas. Chris Faber wrote this this past summer
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