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  1. Linus was promoted to first line center last game but now moved back to LW but still on the first line. Being rewarded for being offensively hot. He also avoids a suspension after an abuse of an official last game.
  2. Jasek has not finished a game with a faceoff proficiency under 50% as of yet since being switched to centre. Consistency is huge and is showing he could be a dependable faceoff user. Put another tool in his toolbox.
  3. Lukas "Fireman" Jasek continues to collect the apples. Additionally the first time since he was switched to center, that he has been under 50% proficiency in the faceoff. Still another period to go though so we shall see.
  4. Costmar playing RW on the 4th line after primarily spending most of his time on the LW, gets the deflection for his first goal of the season in the SHL.
  5. I've been calling it since last training camp, Jasek has a very strong foundation to his game. Not a lot of flare, but he really just does all things well enough that you like his consistency and how quietly he does it. Mind you he also stayed fairly late in the training camp process and was a late cut that somehow went under the radar. I said it a few months back and I'm doubling down on it, I really believe he is a dark horse to make the top 12 forward group, especially because of his versatility and his ELC contract. The best part of Jasek is that he is teachable. I remember reading an article by Ben Birnell (Utica Comets beat reporter) did a piece on Jasek switching to centre. Cull laid it thickly that in order for Jasek to make it to the Canucks let alone the NHL was to become a center. I remember the article, that because the depth on wing was so flush with prospects, Cull identified Jasek as someone who could make a quick transition to center and had the right tools in order to be successful. Its no surprise to me that Cull used Jasek to anchor that second line center spot pivoting Bailey and Lind for most of the season and even saw top line minutes with Baertschi and Goldobin when Chris Campter (Utica's number one center last year) wasn't getting it done. Jasek took Cull's comments to heart and made the transition without fuss. The only thing is that Jasek doesn't really have is a bottom line to his game kinda like Markus Granlund, however, he really seemed to carve out a niche as a regular counted on PK player. So much so that he even overseated regular PK 1 unit center Wacey Hamilton. He will be a versatile cerebral bottom six forward that can be used up and down the lineup however you may choose. He has versatility to play both wings, has experience playing both the powerplay and PK, can take faceoffs (and as I watched several games last year, noticed he got far better in them, largely because he has very good anticipation - which I also think why he is such a trusted player and successful at being used in all places is because he has the smarts where he needs to be), and plays very responsibly.
  6. Usually abuse of officials in the NHL is an automatic suspension, not sure the rules in the SHL are. I've seen the general suspension for that ranges from 2-5 games depending on the severity in the SHL. So Linus may be sitting for a few games. Trying to find a clip of it.
  7. Certainly has the work ethic to get there, however, severely needs to work on the faceoffs department and defensive reading.
  8. But didn't he come back to play in the playoffs? Seems mighty convenient but alright.
  9. They can dangle him that carrot for first line minutes, and keep yo-yoing him up and down, in and out of the lineup, but Vasili knows his future is in Vancouver. He is not going to sign that extension with SKA, and quite honestly, the continuous political usage of him will only drive him into the arms of the Canucks. Cannot wait to see him in Blue and Green
  10. Does anyone know where I can buy a vintage AHL jerseys like a Manitoba Moose Jersey when the Canucks were still affiliated with them?


    Looking for a dark green/teal one and have had a hard time finding one that isn't advertised as a scam or one that comes from a sketchy dealer.

    1. Gäz


      Found some on eBay, though may not be exactly what you're looking for:


      They are difficult to find these days.

  11. The dog days of the offseason, nothing happening.  NHL do something to interest me so I can procrastinate on my readings and papers!

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Pay attn!..They've announced motorcycle helmets, upper-body armour, & stick fights allowed for 6 players on each roster!


      Other skaters/reffs must don COVID masks...

    2. stawns


      get used to it, I don't see the league coming back any time soon

  12. Was watching the Ducks vs Leafs game, and realized Juice was the colour commentator.  So proud of how he is quickly ascending to popularity in the media/broadcasting department.

    1. Nuxfanabroad


      Yeah, noticed that too. He's a superstar in a media-sense. If he wants to, he could turn it into an extremely lucrative career.


      But maybe if John G ever hung up the mike/moustache, KB3 would come home & work w/Shorty?! Wouldn't we be blessed, when teams like the BroonGoons have absolutemorons blabbing on air.


      idea #2..The Juice Stand(between periods, take over Don's slot/vacuum)

      Juice could stand there talkin' with hockey heavies, in a juice kiosk, replete w/Orange Julious attire. Y'know, blend some drinks & naturally chew the fat. True vision!

    2. Type R

      Type R

      I've seen him a few times now doing it, and really enjoy how he conducts himself.  Him, Kes and Burr had a ton of personality, when the Canucks would go behind the scenes, I always got a kick out of the comeraudery that they displayed.

    3. 6string


      Nuxfanabroad  with no hot dogs as in Ron Mclean!702616242_ronmacleancbcpartyingdrunkshirtoff.jpgjhuuyuyt.jpg.eab336493458d85e058c72d70eb428fb.jpg

  13. To those who play hockey, I was playing beer league this week and was hit hard and hit my head on the ice sustaining a minor concussion, feeling better now though.


    League officials and my teammates recommended me to buy a new helmet.  I don't see any cracks or damage on the helmet, should it be okay to continue with the helmet?  Its fairly new, about a year and a half old, a CCM 310 tacks helmet.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. goalie13


      I don't know much about players' helmets, but on my goalie mask I can replace the foam.  Maybe that's an option?

    3. HerrDrFunk


      I would spring for a new helmet. The internal padding could be damaged or not as resilient as it was before the hit; even if there’s no visible damage. 

    4. Fanuck


      Relatively speaking, that's not an expensive helmet (I know everyone's interpretation of expensive is different).

      I had a similar experience, albeit many years ago, and I just replaced my helmet with another one and used the old one as my 'outdoor rink' helmet when I'm with the nephews.