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  1. You can tell he misses being part of the Golden Knights. Perhaps that is the reason why he just never fit here, his heart is with that City and that Team. Can't blame him, he built his identity as a player there. I wouldn't be surprised if he finds his way to get back there, asking for a trade back to Vegas. I feared that the moment we traded for him, his heart was always for that team.
  2. "Get me the hell out of Arizona Hank, don't forget okay?" "Promise me Danny you'll get me out of Arizona should Hank forget" "We didn't forget"
  3. 2020-21 Team: Minskie Zubry (#37)Date of Birth: Jan 9, 2003Place of Birth: Pinsk, BelarusHt: 6-foot-1 Wt: 187 poundsShoots: RightPosition: CenterNHL Draft Eligibility: 2021 first-year eligible “The size, the skills, the hockey sense are all there for him to be an offensive producing player and he’s consistent in his approach. He’s got NHL speed and competes hard. Now, he does have a flair for the dramatic at times, but that’s good. It means he’s confident, but, every shift, he’s first on pucks, always going to the net and he’s got that knack to be open and available
  4. He would be considered as an import pick if he came over, and because most Euopean players have different clauses, he would be considered eligible to play in the AHL now if I am correct. Highly doubt the Canucks will rush this guy though, major junior or other European pro leagues will be good for him. Seems like a very raw prospect but potential to be an better player than most.
  5. https://thehockeywriters.com/danila-klimovich-2021-nhl-draft-prospect-profile/
  6. Watching the draft, at the moment and an odd mismash of people on the panel. Kevin Weekes, Sam Cosentino and Jeff Gorton and some unknown guest. It says Sportsnet Ontario but looks like a US network. Miss the days that James Duthie, Bob McKenzie, Craig Button were the go to draft day guys. Also liked when they had Cosentino, Jeff Marek, and Elliote Friedman covering it for sportsnet. Seems like a lame group this year around.
  7. NGL, after the Ekman Larsson and Garland trade, I felt so trade fatigued that I took a nap. I looked at this deal and felt, my gosh just an influx of news today haha.
  8. Fans don't need much reason to be excited for Garland, kid knows speed, goals, and grit.
  9. Who is going to supply the team with Maple Syrup now? Love all the reactions, probably thinking...uh thanks Roose?
  10. IMO to be honest the future is now, I know longevity here is important and concerns about a few years from now. But we acquired a top 4 dman, a top six playmaking forward to play with Bo, and got rid of 3 anchored deals that provide zero value to this team. Sometimes being bold takes courage and can be scary, but we can't be scared to try and reach for bigger and better things. I've been a very big JB critic, but today, I applaud that we are going all in for this. Its actually fun to think about competing and being a strong team next season.
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