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  1. Umm, that wouldn’t be enough time to see his plans through. It’s gotta be at least 3+
  2. Bobby McFerrin and his Grammy Award for Don’t Worry, Be Happy! says hello! He’s gonna have to prove he’s the real deal ..
  3. Sorry, I have to disagree with your opinion because as a business person, if you have something that someone wants, they are going to deal with you no matter what. Thinking that a GM won’t want to deal with you again because you offer sheeted their player is a sign of weak leadership.
  4. The Panarin signing was bad for everyone. I honestly would add, but TO doesn’t have the CAP to take on someone else. I personally like to win, so I’d take the 30 points over the cap space. That’s the difference between winning games and making the playoffs in my opinion. The other problem would be we would need to clear up some room before a commitment like that can happen.
  5. Brock for Marner straight across. TO saves money on CAP this year and will probably cost less to sign Brock than Marner. They need up front scoring and Brock provides that on the wing. Van gets a playmaking winger and superstar that will cost more. But we are more flexible the next two years. Marner would get us further to the playoffs than Brock would. Sign him for maybe 11.5 the next 7 years. He will be worth the money. I am a huge Brock fan but a bigger Canucks fan. Flame away!
  6. I would rather watch a team try to compete than tank. If I wanted to watch a team tank and get top draft picks, I would watch Edmonton struggle year in and year out.
  7. That's a pretty idiotic comment. What's wrong with being 34? There are a tons of goalies that shine in their 30's. If you think being 34 is too old give your head a shake.
  8. Although it would be nice to see a true trigger man for the Sedins, from a management point of view it doesn't make sense. I would like to see the team go younger. But that's just my opinion.
  9. One more day 'til UFA hit the market!

  10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich?

  11. We don't need to sign another Center, what's everyone talking about? Crazy rumours!

  12. Waiting for a big signing ...

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    2. Trebreh


      not even, Gillis doesnt go crazy on FA like some GMs do. Didnt we get Sammuelsson like late July lol

    3. Venom52


      that is just common knowledge with MG.

    4. michael_kha


      2 days and counting ...

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