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  1. Report: Viktor Tikhonov has come to a contract agreement with his former club and will not be taking anymore UFA offers. @TheRussianRocket. @Viktor
  2. I'll announce first batch of UFA's late Sunday night. Second batch will be Tuesday afternoon. No more after that.
  3. Hey it's your Uber driver here.. Am outside

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      Btw Kaz what did you think of Kanye's Fade vid?

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      Kazmanian Devil

      Fade is one of the few tracks I skip but I'll have to check it out and get back to you.

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  4. NJD offering 1st rounder for a good LHD
  5. Upcoming draft class: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dErbWlOdxMeLkiZvRe4HbI1NIHkXqo4UHlrcAzF0XtU/edit#gid=374636479
  6. To New Jersey: Manuel Wiederer To Vancouver: Future Considerations
  7. Also a reminder that you can check the draft SS to check if your 2019 draft picks are NHL ready. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1s7kMW0fLLrZ8G3LfTYOapaPF16FUkePUlI-PeZq74LU/edit#gid=426074029
  8. UFA Signings now open. Offer Form: https://goo.gl/forms/Qeok149belgNKMFG3 UFA List: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1tZGZPNvq-R7J2UZfhKFc6EmFyEP2MollSUZ9oZ35MHg/edit#gid=1698679050 Send as many offers as you'd like. Contact me if you don't know your GM Code.
  9. Will be releasing UFA list soon. If there are players on the list that you intended to re-sign, you still have first rights to them. Submit offers for those players via the agents as you normally would, not via the UFA offer form.
  10. The following players have retired/given up on their NHL careers/been removed from circulation:
  11. Prospect watch: 16-year old winger Andre Deschamps has been granted exceptional status by Hockey Canada. McDavid/Crosby-esque hype. Draft eligible in 2021.
  12. To Ottawa: Roland McKeown To New Jersey: Kevin Hayes 2020 Ottawa 3rd
  13. NHL Awards 2018-19 Art Ross Trophy Nathan MacKinnon (COL) Runners Up: Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) Matt Duchene (COL) Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy Nathan MacKinnon (COL) Runners Up: Alexander Ovechkin (WSH) Daniel Sprong (PIT) James Norris Memorial Trophy Drew Doughty (LAK) Runners Up: Matt Niskanen (WSH) Mark Giordano (NSH) Vezina Trophy Braden Holtby (WSH) Runners Up: Henrik Lundqvist (BUF) Jonathan Quick (EDM) Frank J. Selke Trop
  14. The following prospects will be staying in college for at least the upcoming season: Jarret Young CGY Libor Krug CBJ Bernard Flynn FLA Riley Forrest FLA Jimmy Bogosian HAR Gordon Paterson LAK Vukie Daum ANA Jong-soo O'Neill MTL Kip Miller NSH Erik Dziama NYI The following prospects will be staying in Europe for at least the upcoming season: Grigori Denisenko TBL Yakov Kuzmin TBL Yevgeni Karavayev TBL Sergei Volkov TBL Tapani Juujarvi CHI Tibor Pavcik TOR Mikhail Skorokhodov TOR Kristaps Freimanis MTL
  15. Posting this due to an influx of new GM's. Reminder that you have to ask me in your PM for results from any type of scouting perk.
  16. Staal -> 3M Phaneuf -> 3M O'Reilly -> 6M
  17. Apparently making these things has become an important part of RGMG
  18. Looking to move D prospect Roland McKeown (55 points in the AHL last year) due to overcrowding. Would want a good bottom 6 winger, a pick, or a different prospect. Also still interested in moving a package of prospects/picks/youth for a top 4 LD.
  19. To New Jersey: Justin Schultz Jori Lehtera To St. Louis: Clayton Keller Olexander Kobzar 2020 New Jersey 2nd
  20. This is even dumber than the time you tried to convince me Kulikov is a RD because he played with Willie Mitchell one time.
  21. Helm -> 2.8M http://www.eliteprospects.com/player.php?player=39029
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