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  1. That guy... I’ve never seen him comment on an actual Canucks topic, just jersey topics.
  2. Its not their top choice so they must hate it. just like how ive kind of developed a dislike for the skate logo because of people hating on the Orca. I like the Orca best, but I grew up with the Skate jersey, think its nostalgic and fun... but people crapping on the orca in favour of the skate pushes me in the other direction. its like youre not allowed to like two things, you can't like the skate or you hate the orca, and other way around. which is dumb. I said "I like the skate" on twitter and someone responded "yeah, they have to kill the whale!" and I was forced into a stupid conversation where I had to say that I actually liked the Orca better, I just like the skate as well. I admit I am guilty of crapping on the skate to justify the Orca, which was wrong. but I do like it for nostalgic reasons. objectively, if people looked at the Orca understanding it represents Vancouver AND is in the shape of a C to honour the Canucks name, MOST people would be like ok cool got it. buuuuuuut, we've had other logos before it and people get all emotional about it and since its not their jersey... they must hate! bunch of lemmings. but hey, that's Vancouver in a nutshell eh? trendy, hipster... its not cool to like the current thing. I HATE THE CORPORATE ORCA! **sent from an iPhone while sipping starbucks/Tim Hortons coffee**. that or people are like 60-70+ yrs old and hate change because it means they aren't are young as they used to be and not a relevant as they remembered! no naming names.. .