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  1. Holy moly hot garbage. sprite can jersey is way better than this.
  2. His pale face? thats what you have a problem with? sounds pretty shallow to me, I am not a huge fan of Drance at times but thats a stupid comment.. What if someone said of sat or harman "their brown faces are a major eyesore for television?" Reality is Harman has a little more charm that Drance because he is younger... but he is fairly similar to drance. A lot of times he just pukes out numbers and talks in circles without much knowledge of the actual game. dislike someone for their work, but to judge someone on appearances is pretty pathetic.
  3. Anyone else annoyed that this team is literally being ran by some rich egotistical wanker that has zero hockey experience? Boureau is an Aquaman hire, plain and simple. Green gone, Benning gone... its going to stay the same.
  4. We need a little more Sedinery is what youre saying? I bet Sam grew up watching the Sedins... lets do it! haha
  5. Sutter on the cheap for the 4th line? Yeah sign me up for that. I really like Sutter, he's a gamer and plays the right way. Sutter in the playoffs was impressive. A lot of our players are much better in the playoffs... to bad getting to the playoffs isn't a sure thing!
  6. Miller - Ep40 - Boeser Pearson - Bo - Reinhart Podkolzin- x -Hogz Motte - x - Highmore depending how you fill out the bottom centers.. that's a killer forward group! I heard a rumour last year that the Beagle injury might be his career so we could have room for Reinhart and a solid Depth signing (of course with a little extra cap gymnastics). if were playing with that 9th overall pick, its hard to think we should use it on a forward over trying to kick start the D... but hey... we got Schmidt for a 3rd and Hughes should be better next year. there are other ways to fill out the D. I would love to see this Forward group! Imagine if Virtanen wasn't being virtanen...
  7. Very well could be... but if its all about PR keeping Benning makes Zero sense. ZERO. who knows though.
  8. more money than if fans don't show up at the arena and don't buy merchandise? that's for both NHL and AHL teams by the way...
  9. Ok, My musings on this: I want Benning gone, I think this year was the final straw for me. too many mistakes, and the cherry on top is an obvious displeasure coming from the players towards management. Despite this, I might be able to rationalize that keeping Benning is the honourable thing to do for owner ship. Reality of the situation is that Ownership turned off the taps for this season, which I understand. but turning off the taps might have hurt Bennings ability to properly build off the success of the bubble. people love to say Benning is an Idiot for keeping Jake over Toffoli. This isn't true. If we let Jake walk, we would have had to still shed cap for toffoli to be signed. its obvious that ownership did not give the green light for a buyout. Yes Benning's spending put us in this position in the first place, but those signings also might have been pushed for by ownership. look at all the reports about ownership lately... they are looking for guidance, they are realizing they are going in the wrong direction.. Maybe... JUST MAYBE keeping Benning is ownership admitting they have not given Jim the resources or freedom to run the team his own way. think about it, there is a huge rift between the team and fanbase, lots of people are angry and consumer confidence is very low right now. If this mess is really ALL Bennings mess, how easy would it be for management to fire him and let him take the blame for everything? It would be pretty damn easy. Ownership knows, if they fire benning and bring in someone with a decent resume fans will be happy enough to come back to rogers arena next year, Its a loyal fan base. But this isn't the route they are taking... Francesco and family seem to be very reactionary, the easy thing for them to do right now is fire Benning, but they aren't. This might actually be the start of a change in philosophy. Maybe... just MAYBE, they are finally realizing they need to hire people and let them do their jobs.
  10. kind of a shallow thing to do... I don't care for Benning but reality is this: Letting Travis Green and the coaching staff walk will put us further back than firing Benning will push us ahead. If there is any outrage from the Fan base, if there is any unified message we should be flying from airplanes, it should be that we want Travis Green, Ian Clark and the Coaching staff back. Sign them now!
  11. Just posted this I agree completely. Myers is a good piece, he will be claimed. my thinking is... if management is serious about going for the cup starting in 2 years, we need to rip the bandaid off and let Seattle take him, create the cap flexibility. on the flip side... if the are going to spend assets to get better for next year and be more "competitive" NEXT year... we can't afford to lose him. the real question on what to do on the back end is: is there actually a real plan and are they going to stick to their guns?
  12. I don't think we need to protect Lind? I know the fan base is crying for the team to call the likes of Lind and Gadjovich up to the NHL and "play the kids" if this is a lost season, but maybe... just maybe... management is thinking ahead an not allowing them to play the needed games to be exposed. nothing wrong with over ripening in the AHL During a throw away season. from what I am understanding... there are literally no big pieces we can lose from this expansion draft. we're actually in a position to poach a young Dman or forward another team won't want to lose for nothing. Ive protected Boeser, Bo, Miller, Virtanen (he still has trade value and potential, it would be stupid to expose him.), Motte, Pettersson. Leaves room for one more... id assume gaudette but really... if we can trade for an asset a team doesn't want to lose and its more valuable than gaudette that would be ideal. I don't see long term potential in gaudette, not on a Stanley cup winning team at least. back end is even easier. Schmidt and Olli, that's all they NEED to protect. if they can get Hamonic signed to a deal that works out that I think that would be good going forward. goalie... Demko DUHH out of the exposed players. if I am Seattle, I am seriously thinking of taking Myers. I know the fan base loves to rip into him but he is a very serviceable NHL D-man. do I like his cap hit? not really, but for an expansion team, I don't think that's an issue. Seattle won't be like Vegas they will not make it to the Stanley cup final in the first year. teams around the league will have learned. instead of teams allowing Seattle to bend them over a barrel like they did with Vegas, I think they will be smarter and trade with each other. Canucks losing Myers will be a hit don't get me wrong, I really like Myers. but if our window for true Stanley cup contention is in 2 years, Myers will be 33 @ 6 million, not exactly a Value contract. I have full confidence Olli to fill the space Myers currently occupies in 2 years time. this year has sucked, the play getting better is welcome but I don't know if its enough to make the playoffs (hoping to be wrong). if we truly want to compete in 2 years time, this is a perfect year to take that step back and get a higher draft pick, that could potentially big a big contributing factor going forward on a ELC. My 2 cents....
  13. For a temperate rain forest... we sure get a lot of snow...
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