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  1. and no one is required to do take the vax, at all. You have a choice. I think I also heard them say that not getting the booster won't affect vax status, if you've already had two
  2. many vaccines require multiple boosters Is it really a big deal?
  3. That's the power these guys have over a players career. I've seen it first hand in Portland.........these predators know they can sabotage everything these young guys have worked with ease and they use that as leverage against their victims. Furthermore, they don't target just anyone, they know which players are most vulnerable and that's who they target. It doesn't matter of Beach could have physically pummeled Aldrich, because Aldrich held all the power and was adept enough to know that Beach was vulnerable to that imbalance of power.
  4. I do understand where you are coming from, but that's not their information to share and we don't know that they didn't speak to.someone about it and it was swept under the rug. They also had no way to verify the story either Right or wrong, I'm sure they feared for their careers if they spoke up. They did the right thing now and it sounds, to me, like Beach is grateful to them
  5. Didn't sound like Beach had anything but gratitude them for their support and honesty. That's good enough for me
  6. As someone who has seen this first hand, everyone with any part in covering this up or intimidating anyone to keep quiet should never have an NHL job again
  7. no argument here on that. They have an execution issue, for sure, but using the dump and chase isn't the problem and people have some misguided belief that only the Canucks do it, when every team in the league uses it consistently. UNless you have a path, it is, by far, the best option. I agree completely that you have to go and get the puck when you do it and the Canucks are not.......but that's primarily a player issue, not a coach issue
  8. again with the dumping and chasing. That is the primary means of gaining the zone for every team in the league, not just the Canucks. If you try to force a carry into the zone and a play isn'ytt there, you've just turned the puck over on an odd man rush the other way.
  9. The pandemic I can see, but acknowledging the traditional territory is pretty much permanent now, as it should be. I find that very uplifting to be honest
  10. While I'd be fine moving on from TG, I don't see it happening. I've been a supporter, but his mismanagement of young, talented players is becoming an issue.
  11. Tell that to the 8 year old girl in my school who just lost her 31 year old anti mask/vaxxer father
  12. While not an excuse, you can almost set your watch to a dud first game back at home after a long road trip.
  13. Nothing to do with baumgartner. Not like he's drawing up turnover plays. I do put it on Green though, for keeping him and shipping OJ down.
  14. Truthout isn't terrible, but it's got a pretty heavy left bias and they've had a few issues with inaccurate information. If I were marking a paper, I probably wouldn't take it as a standalone source
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