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  1. I am completely perplexed on so many people saying that Hughes can't play D. The best defense, is a good offense. Last season we played a ton of games against 2 of the most offensive juggernauts in the NHL and Hughes often had those matchups. Complaints like this is why I wouldn't be surprised if Quinn darted right when he could become a UFA. Why can't we just appreciate that we have a player that (with Makar and Fox) has completely changed the way d-men operate. Quinn is one of the best of the league at carrying the puck out of the zone, as well as contributing offensively. I wouldn't
  2. No. If those 2 go out, we got so many options at center. We can easily move Miller to a 3rd line C if we need.
  3. Getting all the RHD available... gonna trade them at the deadline.
  4. He's a massive piece to our D-core, gives us everything we need in a RHD.
  5. My favorite part about this, is that this is going to be the team that grows together for awhile. We got a great, young core with us, and it'll likely stick for the next 3-5 years. We may need to get another top 4 RHD, but I see that as one of the few gaps we have.
  6. From what i've read, it sounds like they're making a push for Eichel.. they just cleared over 7M with Fleury alone... They could offer Tuch + a ton more picks/prospects and be set
  7. Bennings strategy: be praised for your drafting ability for selecting Hughes, Boeser, and Pettersson... then trade every other pick you have so people can't say anything different.
  8. A dangerous thing to say looking back. What's to stop CGY from offering 12M just to handcuff the Nux
  9. Flyers doing a complete rehaul on defense... maybe it's good I'm keeping Hart in my Keeper League
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