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  1. I'm sure his friends aren't upset, you know the business you're getting into. You can't become a hockey player and not be aware that you could be moved at the trade deadline. I'm sure the "friends" (Petey and Hughes) you're talking about are already upset that guys like Eriksson are sitting and making more money than them. I'm sure they're actually more excited after the Pearson contract because it probably guaranteed them a million or two more than before.
  2. Business is business. Everyone has been affected by covid and isn't making millions of dollars. Trade these guys.
  3. 4 teams in 2 years for this guy. I've watched some Sabres games and he looked SO disinterested. Kind've fair for a guy that's almost 30, a former 1st overall pick, and has only played 14 playoff games. What Hall really needs is to join a cup competitor and win some games, he's been losing his entire career. I think that would give him the spark to get back to his former self and the dominating player he used to be (like his year Hart year with NJD). Stop taking individual glory and money and just go to a winning atmosphere Hally. Should've picked Colorado when you had the chance!
  4. I haven't seen a draft where there isn't a clear #1 in awhile. Not to mention that the #1's on some peoples list is the #8 in others. If there is ever a draft where scouting is important to get a steal, this is it. Who knows, the player who have Canucks in at #1 could still be there by pick #6 or 7. Maybe a lot of trades this draft too!
  5. I'd consider Mete's value on par with Virtanen at this point... I'm sure right now you could waive Virtanen and he wouldn't even be claimed
  6. Here's what we'll hear from Benning: - "I think we will be able to make better deals at the draft" And he will not make any trades at the draft. When questioned he will say: - "The value wasn't there, I think we will find trade partners in the offseason when the dust settles" And he will not make any trades in the offseason. When questioned he will say: - "I think we will make trades at the trade deadline. That's when we will be able to acquire picks and young players" And he will not make any trades at the trade deadline, but re-sign his tradable players to
  7. It makes sense, but are you comfortable with the idea of a Boeser or a Hughes or a Petey getting severely injured in one of these meaningless games? Same could be said about the Calgary or Ottawa stars
  8. This is literally no worse than McDavid. League's ability to hold players accountable is an absolute joke.
  9. Goes out of the way to elbow Kotk in the head. Do you think this is worthy of a suspension?
  10. I could honestly see Buffalo giving Seattle a 1st rounder and another prospect for Seattle to take Skinner in the expansion draft. I don't think Seattle will have the success Vegas did. They pay Skinner a lot, but really, who cares? They get 5 years of Skinner who will entertain, but ultimately get a great draft pick and a guy they can develop for the next 15.
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